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Olando, Florida. The amusement park capital of the world. Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Ripley's Believe it of Not, and several dozen others bying for tourists. It could be a very competitive business. Some companies will pull out all the stops to come out on top.

And then some companies go even further. Beyond ethics. Or even humanity.

Inside the shadier sides of family entertainment stands Olando Police Department's Amusement Park Specalist, Investigator Scarlet Foxfire. One part recent graduate in law enforcement with specalty in forensics, one part vixen character costume that is a sentient prototype of one such machiavellian scheme. On the way toward the truth of her origin, she tackles the crimes that take place in the happier parts of the world, while trying to maintain a sence of normalcy as a fox in a human world.

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I got this review of “Murder in Main Street USA” by Futaba2 @ DeviantARTs. The first of many, I hope:


I just finished the first Scarlet P.I novel and think that it was even better than i could of imagined.

The story deals with a living micro chip costume who like the black Spider-man suit is like a living symbiot. Though while Venom became a super villian, Scarlet became a super cop. While Daveykins refer to her as a furry Daisy Duke I personally see her more as a Fox version of Bunny Rabbot from Sonic the Hedgehog [SatAM] what with the way she speak, her sweet manner and kick buck attitude when push comes to shove.

The story itself is a roller coaster ride of drama and comedy as besides her host side enjoy doing police business her costume sides enjoy having fun with the costume characters she meet in the park on assigment like trying to arrest Captain Jack Sparrow for being drunk.

The book itself actually consists of two or three plots depending on how you look at it. The first plot of the book being the murder that the Vixen detective is trying to solve. The second plot being Scarlet and her bunny boyfriend Pippin trying to track down HFL (Happy Fun Land) who created the costumes and turn human beings into mindless amusement park dolls instead of real cast members. It would be up to the reader if you consider the part of story dealing with new lives of Princess Aria and the others who escape HFL a third plot and merely part of the second. Especially if you consider the fact that the castle and the possible start of new park that the escapees are living in might be just park of HFL over all goal that Scarlet and Pippin aren’t even aware they’re helping with.

The book is fast paced with well described details and character and plot development. The way it ends the mystery of HFL has grown even larger and makes one hope for more books to continue Scarlet fight against their creators.