Confessions of a Bad DM #1: A persistant Forgotten Realms

I’m happy to report that my content surprisingly started a bit early in the new year, although not in an expected place. Well, it is expected if you follow my D&D trends.

Last last year,  made an open call for articles, and I gave them a list of articles I wanted to put on their site. I actually got accepted for two of those articles with the hope for more in the future. Mixing my home-made techniques I use as a DM with my own brand of humor—Hello, I’m David Foxfire and I’m a terrible DM—and made my first submission to the site before the holidays.
This article got released today, the start of my “Confessions of a Bad DM” series, with my mention of a Persistent gaming world. It’s basically my first method of keeping people from reading up on the modules and meta-gaming, where the actions of previous campaigns have a lasting effect on current campaigns, and in some cases changing parts of the current campaign. You can see the after effects of my campaigns in a wiki I set up for my personalized version of the Forgotten Realms.

On the wiki, you’ll know that Baldur’s Gate is vastly different from the official depiction in the new IDW Legends of Baldur’s Gate comic, which will be apparent when a campaign returns to that city. And then there’s the Icewind Dale region. Don’t ask.

Future articles will involve what I call the “Instant Action Grid” a hybrid between 4th Edition encounter maps and 5th edition Theater of the Mind, the use of a deck of cards instead of dice-rolling and table consulting, transplanting a scene from one campaign into another, turning a PC in a previous campaign into an NPC in a current campaign, and so on.

Of course, this is provided that I’m encouraged to post more articles in . . . Or enough people are interested in me continuing the series here. Whatever happens, I’ll deal with it.

In the coming week, I’ll get back to the Ballad of Johnny Briz comic now that my sabbatical is done with, and continue making progress for my online Dungeon Mastering project, sending you updates as they occur.


New Hello World for a New Main Web Page for this site.

If you’re seeing this, then I made my much needed change in the web site.

You can thank the Gamergate drama over this one. No, I haven’t been targeted by anyone even though I side myself with the Pro-Gamergate side*, but I pretty much had my fill of SJW crap. So much so that I flat out dropped almost all of my Social Media accounts like the proverbial dead weight, with the sole exception of Google Plus, which has a much better format and interface IMHO.

Of course, no use of Twitter and Tumblr means that I do not have an RSS style stream to keep up on the index.html page. An alternate is in order.

While this is going on, I had some new developments in my online life, some of which is art-inspired. (The Johnny Briz web comic will get back up this coming weekend.) I’m working on some online Campaigns which I intend to webcast, once my throat is cleared of all this mother-fucking mucus, and I’ve been accepted to make some DM-related articles for the Adventurers Guild site (an official WotC blog, no less,) which I’ll relay here…

…in a WordPress Main Site, which will have links to all of my subsites (as well as a legacy link to the former version. I feel that this will be the best way to go, especially when I start making Youtube videos (a new direction from me) and getting my DM career into a higher gear.

The Encounters table really enjoyed me being the DM in spite of my own personal hangups—and the occasional lack of available players thanks to people’s schedules, natch—and I feel that it’s something that I can do long term, and maybe even make a living from this through the webcasting angle.

I’ll tell you more about what’s happening with all the subsequent entries.


  • There is a web page that will tell you what Gamergate is better than I can. Too Long Didn’t Read version: Gamergate is a revolt by the video game playing community against two groups that were antagonizing them: Video Game Journalists and Social Justice Warriors. Both of these groups were denigrating anyone who played anything from Tetris to Grand Theft Auto V, and pooling their capabilities to further marginalize one of the most inclusive and supporting special interest groups existing today. Despite me being a Tabletop gamer, I am staunch Pro-Gamergate, and even have a “SJWs need not apply” rule.