Baldur’s Gate Investigations

Notice: This is a fan-work based on Dungeon & Dragons with the Forgotten Realms setting, both owned by Wizards of the Coast, and uses a variation of both Fifth Edition rules and the mentioned campaign setting. This project is made to learn RPG Maker MV, and is considered a Transformative Work under United States Fair Use Laws. Wizards of the Coast has neither authorized nor endorsed this Fan-Game.

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A D&D Foxfire Forgotten Realms
fanwork on RPG Maker MV

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Wealth flows into the city of Baldur’s Gate like water. As the rich luxuriate in their mansions atop the bluff and artisans ply their trades on the steep streets, masses of poor laborers swell the slums. Money and power beget political scandal, religious fervor, crime . . . and murder. No one feels safe on the rain-darkened streets. Strange, foreign gods are beseeched in secret shrines. The city is rife with corruption. And through it all, the body count keeps rising.

Amongst all this death are three groups going at each other’s throats over control of the city: The Patriars under Duke Silvershield, the rich and affluent elitists looking down, figuratively and literally, on all the others; The Flaming Fist Company under Marshall Ulder Ravenguard, the police force overwhelmed with the crime in the city, and lashing out in force; and the Guild, the underground group of rogues, thieves, and assassins, under Rilsa Rael, who is convinced that the only way to save Baldur’s Gate is to burn it to the ground.

In the middle of all this stands Grand Inquisitor Florence, Chosen of Oghma and forerunner of Forensic Knowledge. With a mere strand, blood splatter, or parchment, she could solve cases that would prove impossible even by Elminister’s standards. She came to Baldur’s Gate to help bring justice to a city where intrigue flows like the river-born fog, and where not even the noonday sun can drive out every shadow. Accompanying her is a Elven Sorcerer, a couple of rogues, and one of the best loved rangers in Faerun, as they track down the mechanizations of a deity that everyone thought was long dead.

About the Adventure:

Baldur’s Gate Investigations is the first of a series of games I’m making to supplement my online Dungeon Mastering presence, where I make a player recap of events that happened on offline tables of the past and bring them into the cannon of my own personalized version of D&D’s Forgotten Realms setting. In this case, I combine the first campaign that I’ve Dungeon Mastered, Murder in Baldur’s Gate, which I modified into a Crime Scene Investigation adventure, with the IDW comic Legends of Baldur’s Gate, where the characters in the comic form Florence’s Party.

In Murder of Baldur’s Gate, a series of ever increasing intrigues and dramatic events bring up the resurrection of Bhaal, the God of Murder, threatening to cover Baldur’s Gate in shed blood. As the party members follow the trail of broken bodies and defeated souls to stop the massacre from enveloping every square inch of the city, it is not clear who is right or wrong, and the characters wonder if they’re going to go through the ordeal as corrupted as the rest of the city.

In Legends of Baldur’s Gate, The Wild Mage Elf Delina goes into the city to search for her brother. While attacked by an evil force, her defensive spell goes wide, and hits the statue of Minsc, the Beloved Ranger. The spell transports the real Beloved Ranger and his Miniature Giant Space Hamster back to Faerun after an over hundred year’s absence.


Grand Inquisitor Florence Lawful Good Female Human Cleric Investigator Background, Chosen of Oghma

Florence was called on to be Baldur’s Gate’s ‘Grand Inquisitor,’ a new office created by the Council of Four in the city, because of the rising fame brought on by her newly discovered Forensic Lore, an uncanny eye for minute details, and ‘flashes of insight’ brought on by her being Chosen of Oghma. This made her the perfect candidate in spite of not being a Baldurian.

While renowned for her intelligence, it doesn’t make her the most sociable of folk, although she does appreciate the help of her friends in her investigation team.

She likes long luxurious baths, a good draft of local brew, and pipeweed that Elminister would appreciate. She’s also not the most co-ordinated lady and can be out of sorts in social events.

Delina, Chaotic Good Female Moon Elf Wild Mage Sorcerer

Delina came to Baldur’s Gate to look for her twin brother, whom she fears that has fallen into some dark and sinister plan in the city. Not knowing how she’ll settle into the city while she’s there, she agreed to become Florence’s assistant. Inquisitive and fearless, she may look vulnerable but she carries a great strength within, far greater than the sometimes chaotic nature of her innate magical abilities.

Minsc, Chaotic Good Male Human Ranger/Barbarian

The Beloved Ranger of Baldur’s Gate’s history, recently spirited back to Faerun after vanishing over a hundred years ago.

Minsc is very capable physically, but countless concussions had rendered him perpetually addle-headed. Besides talking to the hamster Boo, whom he believes to be a miniature giant space hamster, he has a very simplistic view of the world, and he’s often quick to decide someone is evil and should be attacked. Fortunately, he’s also kind by nature and determined to be a hero. He was escorting a Rashemen witch named Neera when he vanished, and sort of taken to Delina as a replacement, even calling her Neera by accident for a time. Although he has ranger’s skills, he is more known for what resembles a barbarian’s or berserker’s rage. He will also react violently to his friends being threatened.

He keeps trying to snatch at anything Florence says that goes over his head.

Krydle, Chaotic Neutral Male Half-Elf Fighter/Rogue

The son of well-known patriar Coran, Krydle begins to show a bit of independence—and some distaste over the politics of Baldur’s Gate and the schism between upper and lower cities—when he finds himself part of Florence’s Team by his father’s bequest. He has his father’s mischievous nature and want for unique experiences. His political stance might make him shallow at first, and grating to his father’s shenanigans, but in truth he’s looking for close friends and adventure. Over time, he grown to connect with Florence enough to become a couple, her intelligence and down-to-earth attitude being quite a draw for him.

Shandie, Neutral Good Female Halfling Archer/Rogue

Krydle’s best friend who answered Florence’s want ad for an additional set of hands on crime scene investigation—and for some leads that require a rogue’s skill—because it includes an exemption from gate tolls and it provides a legal cover for her talents. Shandie dreams of becoming a crackshot longbow archer in spite of being a Halfling, although with a short bow, she’s capable of shots that few humans could attempt. In fact, the only sure way to best her in a contest is to use a rifle. She has the charismatic and lighthearted nature common to halflings, but she favors being blunt and to the point.


  • A detailed representation of the city of Baldur’s Gate, with more nooks and crannies possible in a tabletop version, using a combination of classic fantasy and steampunk.
  • A set of three-dimensional characters with their own different personalities and dynamics.
  • An Old School Renaissance representation of Forensics, Investigation, Research, and even an occasional Ace Attorney-style Court Battle.
  • At least 30 cases planned, including the main story.
  • An exploration and interactive system inspired by Dungeon & Dragon’s Fifth Edition rules, using a proprietary “Elminister Fifty” engine.
  • An elegantly detailed players guide accompanies the game, providing useful lore behind the game, and designer notes from the author.
  • And for the first time in an old-school RPG*:

The Anarchic Hackers Group Anonymous joins in on the fun, as a fourth faction in Baldur’s Gate trying to keep it from falling off into the abyss.

*I have no knowledge of any prior Role Playing Game, RPG Maker or otherwise, where Anonymous has crashed the scene, at least in the level I’m designing them to be.  If there is another game that has them in there, please let me know.


The game has just started its design, and progressive WIP projects will be made available as the process goes. The first one will focus on the actual city itself, with limited interactivity and no storyline. You will be free to explore the entire map without danger or encounters, and make comments and suggestions back to the author to improve the game.