PC — Marcie Wisdomtouch

Before Sword Coast Legends: The Battle of Eveningstar

program-logo-rpg-maker-mvMost people who know Marcie didn’t know where she came from. All they know is that the odd girl was found in a haystack near Eveningstar, Cormyr, after she fell out of the sky. She was taken in by the Elvish Seer, Silverskin Wisdomtouch, whom adopted her. It included a blood pact, which also made the child her apprentice, which is where you can have a rarity:  A ginger elf.  (Well, a half-elf if you want to discuss formalities, but nonetheless…)

Marcie settled down to live as an Evenor and was an apt pupil to the witch, incorporating archery with spell casting with the hopes of becoming a successful adventurer and then take over her mother’s place in the coven. Her desire to adventure got indulged a bit too early when the Drow, led by a power-hungry Lolth, attacked the surface world at Cormyr with her adopted home village as the epicenter. Marcie was part of the group of heroes that drove them back.

More details will be made available in the upcoming RPG MAKER MV project, “The Battle of Eveningstar.” But there is one detail that can be shared here.

She doesn’t share her secret to everybody. Only a select few individuals in Faerun know that she’s from a world known as Earth; a plane only heard of by one man: Elminister. It is the home of what Is called “The Wizards of the Coast” who have somehow replicated the Forgotten Realms into some game known as “Dungeons & Dragons”. They even had a thing called an Amusement Ride which Marcie entered before finding herself in Cormyr. This knowledge is, understandingly, something Elminister will not share with anyone in the Realms, especially when he knows that Marcie is not the first one to get spirited away by this “ride.” Oh, and before anyone asks, no. Marcie does not wish to return home.

Sword Coast Legends, Single Player Campaign

Sword-Coast-Legend-Logo-smallerWhile Marcie is no stranger to adventuring by the time Sword Coast Legends begins, she became a part of the Order of the Burning Dawn guild to begin her career as an adventurer–and have her required coming of age–properly. She have gathered three of her close friends from home and formed her own group, with her as the captain.

Marcie is a good-natured girl with a sharp wit and an optimistic attitude on life, and she’s looking forward to finding out what she’ll find in the Sword Coast. Her adventure in Eveningstar has caused her to be enthusiastic toward quests and finding treasure, which might cause her to bite off more than she could chew.

Marcie Character Design