Encounters Report: 25 Mar 13

Trigger Warning: Spoilers, Jump Scares, Zombies in Fursuits

I had two more players in the game, which brought up my table to a whopping eight! Wizards might not approve of me having such a big table, but ask me if I care? Rule Number Zero in Tabletop, guys; the GM is always right!

The former Tiefling Necromancer had to take a powder this week.

Player 8 is Sorin. I didn’t get his race or class, but I do know that he’s being played by two people, Nathan and his friend, Scott. Nathan is a younger child who still has to do Soccer Practice on Wednesday Nights, but that would be ending soon. Until then, he’s letting Scott play the character with him. Maybe the two would split up and play separate characters later.

And now we have a Walk-In Player 9, a guy named Randy, who wanted to play as well. And like I said, “The More the Merrier.”

The session started walking in the Overworld, on the way to Lance Rock. I got my event deck going, but the party ‘lucked out’…. or not, depending on who you ask on the table… and the walk to the Necromancer’s Lair was uneventful.

The Lair itself proved a lot more fun, because if you play a D&D table with me, you’ll find out real quick that the Zombies are different. They’re not the classic George Romero kind. They run. And when you see one playing sitting duck lying on the ground pretending to be dead, that’s when seven other zombies blindside you from behind. And they attack by a slam, which pins the victim down, followed by a bite on the next attack, usually by a flanking zombie that’s ganging up on the party.

Don’t think The Walking Dead. Think 28 Days Later.

And one of the party has been bitten by one.

Insert Evil $#!*-eating Grin here.

And then they go into a place that makes the party, if not the table, go all Whisky Foxtrot Sierra on me: They came to a star-shaped room with three zombies in costume. One in a Bear Suit, One dressed like a Disney Princess, and the third in a Jester Motley.

Automatically, the table thought of one thing:   Five Nights at Freddy’s

Insert another Evil $#!*-eating Grin here.

It even has a jump scare thrown in where one of the characters looked around, by now knowing that my zombies appear in sheer numbers, hoping that they’d find a zombie laying in wait, only to turn around and see a face full of rage-fueled ‘walker’ howling in his face.

The table, and myself, loved this stuff.

This session introduced Action Zones in my dungeon mapping—and in spite of Mike Schley making downloaded maps available, they liked my drawn maps better, which I keep in a wirebound drawing pad—which is used in exploration. Action Zones come from a mechanic in Fate Core, where rooms are connected not in a grid, but in an array of nodes and connectors. With the presence of 8 players on the table, maybe more—Hey Manager, get me a third table!—it’ll behoove everyone to keep things streamlined.

Action Zone Sample

This session also included the first ‘Nonviolent Resolution’ of the campaign. In one room, there’s a bunch of corpses and skeletons, which the party slowly backs away and blocks with an item from a previous room. After I allow them to do that, I let them know that those skeletons—including the ones who’ll peel their skin away like an insect—would’ve risen up to fight them, and that they dealt with them without resorting to fighting. When that happens, I call Nonviolent Resolution and the XP points that they would’ve gotten would be awarded doubled. I do this because I want the campaign to be more than just ‘repeat [open door; kill feebs; take treasure;]’

Because of this, all of the players who’ve been regulars, so far, all seven players who was present at both sessions, Leveled up to 2. Time for me to update all the encounters…as well as other things. heh heh heh

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