Encounters Report, 18 Mar 15….and a Setback

Trigger Warning: Spoilers…and a healthy amount of Disappointment.

I have to start off here by regretfully saying that I couldn’t make a video for this week. The Tablet I have just can’t be placed right, and half of the time the recording was off for some reason. the rest of the time it was recording in the wrong camera which created a very poor video. What I got out of that tablet isn’t anything I can use to make a decent video with, therefore I won’t be able to make the Youtube Video I wanted to make.

Oh well, live and learn. At least I’m getting some progress with the Raspberry Pi machine. In two weeks, I’ll be able to make a recording device with it, which might actually work a lot better.

On to the campaign. One player had to be away for the week, which leaves me with seven players:

  1. Varis, 1st Level High Elf Soldier, played by Hunter
  2. Oraxis, 1st Level Night Elf Sorcerer, played by Kyle; formerly in seclusion until the attack of his community by the cult.
  3. Grommash, 1st Level Half Orc Barbarian, played by Chase; Grommash used to be in the climactic battle of Rise of Tiamat. Because I haven’t done this module before, I don’t know whatever or not Tiamat actually escaped at the end. All I know is that the Dragon Queen just took a swipe at Grommash’s party and he woke up alone. But the event granted him a special boon: +2 Event bonus to Intimidation.
  4. Fibler, 1st Level Gnome Bard, played by John; He provides the recommended daily allotment of Spoon, he also rides a Billy Goat. You know how billy goats likes to eat everything. And on the table, I’ll have that goat nom, and nom, and nom! I have my comedic relief.
  5. Randal, 1st Level Human Cleric, played by Richard. Nice to know we have a healer here.
  6. Wolfe, 1st Level Human Barbarian, played by Bill
  7. Fear, 1st Level Tiefling Wizard, played by Josh. He came to the table hoping to be a Necromancer. But everybody else wanted to talk him out of that. Eventually he relented and switched to a Conjurer. That would be easier on him because I would’ve used Ravenloft’s corruption mechanic.

I haven’t even started the campaign, and already I was thinking of customizing the gameplay. I’ve already created a character boon for one character, and even designed another character hook for a player who couldn’t make it that night. I could always hand it to him the next time he shows up. There was also the threat of invoking the Dark Powers from me. In the Wiki, I had a sample of how I’ll do it in a “Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies” scenario. In here, I’ll fallow along with Ravenloft’s gradual process, where the Dark Powers corrupt the poor tiefling with every Necromantic spell cast.

Outside of this, and the give and take from the other players (I just wish I was able to record it. Frag my life.) the session is nothing exceptional. Instead of having everyone start in the tavern, I start off with an encounter, I’d then guide the party to town where they decide where to go, and then end with an encounter at the end of the session.

I know that Encounters have a table for encounters, and some of them at the far ends of the 1d12+1d8 roll are extreme (Come on, folks, A bulette? Or an Air Elemental? At level 1?) Instead I’m going to take this as an opportunity to learn how to scale encounters to the party, and I have some spreadsheets to help me out here.

Next week’s going to have some overworld crawling, which means that I’ll be forming an event deck. This is what I use instead of random tables; I used one in the travelling chapter in Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and I’ll be returning to it next week: I use part of a standard deck of playing cards. Black cards mean nothing happens, Red cards designate an encounter, which I’ll make ahead of time. As I mentioned above, I’ll be customize it according to the group, scaling it according to their level.

Also, when it comes to the actual dungeons, I’ll be implementing the Fate Zones mechanic into the maps with the three ‘dungeons’ listed in the PDF. Next week I’ll let you know what comes out of it. (And hopefully describe what a Fare Zone is beforehand.)


4 thoughts on “Encounters Report, 18 Mar 15….and a Setback”

    1. That’s quite all right. (Although that does pushes the recording of stuff further ahead. I can get myself an HDMI to VGA adapter of my own this week from E-Bay.)

  1. And also, my friends and I were talking about magical items in D&D in class today, what are your rules on one making such an item in their downtime?

    1. Adventurers League rules do not permit this, but I’m more lienent: It requires 5 Days of downtime (I award 1 Day per session present) and ample amount of material required for the upgrade. How much depends on the kind of item you’ll create, but it doesn’t come cheap: In the case of a Mundane weapon (which you can construct yourself using 1 Day of downtime) to a basic +1, it would require 500 gp to get the electrium (I hope I’m spelling that right) needed for the infusion.

      Also, when you go that route, there’s always the possibility for it to aquire some quirks.

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