Encounters Report; 11 Mar 15

I sketched up an image of Marcie—the main character in a previously hinted RPG Maker project—chasing Robert Adducci of Adventurers League fame because someone from Wizards of the Coast…well, I’ll just let Rob say it himself:

The call for glory echoes loud across the realms – so loud, in fact, that the scribe carrying the Princes of the Apocalypse PDF of the D&D Encounters material to our office was struck deaf and blind.  He then wandered off course and was consumed by something that looked a lot a celestial dire weasel.  We have dispatched a Harper agent to recover his work.

That’s his spin. Me? Someone was partaking in too much Ganja.

Because of this, the Encounters part of Princes of the Apocalypse will not be available until Monday (16 Mar). No problem, at least it gives me 2 good days to plan the first session. Just as long as I was able to get…

… Did I make a pic of Marcie chasing Robert with a giant Piko Piko hammer? I’d wanted to have her do some very bad things to the manager of my game store. He forgot to call in to Wizards and tell them that they’ll be having Encounters here. Hence, they didn’t get the factions packs. Nor did they get the link to the PDF file that I needed.

Until just before this session, but after some very empathic arm wringing. I was able to get the password needed to access the PDF when it comes out. I can finally rest easy, and deal with business as usual…

…going through Session Zero with a full table of players, a couple rookies with zero experience, and a complete disregard for Adventuers League play.

The last part doesn’t bother me as much as some say it should. Everyone there just wants to play—or in some cases, learn—D&D without any hard “Living Forgotten Realms” style bogging them down. Add to the table are my two regulars, Rich and John (you’ll know about them soon enough) who tend to play D&D like it’s 1ED, especially with the insistence that people roll their attributes. Again, I’m not too bothered. Whatever you want to use a Standard Array, Point Buy, 2d6+6, roll 4d6 keep 3, or whatever floats your boat. As long as you’re having fun and my Autism isn’t going off the scales because everyone’s asking me for the Player’s Handbook at the same smucking time, that’s rule #1 for me.

Somehow I knew beforehand that I wasn’t going to have players who are interested in factions. In my table, they’re just another option to use anyway; I seldom use them even for Lost Mine of Phandelver. So I created for my table a set of folders with a fresh character sheet, plenty of logsheets (which I will use to track progress) an introductory flyer that’s a hoot to read (I include these eight rules the readers just love) and their first Action Point which I mentioned earlier.

High Forest

Even before I get the PDF, however, I’m already figuring out how ways to personalize the campaign further than my Persistent Realms’ rule. Since it’s set in the High Forest region Northeast of Waterdeep (Between the Sword Coast and Netheril) there’s little change in the region outside of what happened in the Grayspeak Mountains.

The PCs, however, has more things to play with. A drow wizard that has encountered one of the four cults vying for power. He knows that one of them razed the village that oh so taken him in although he was a drow. He just didn’t know that there are four cults going at each other. Another is a half-orc barbarian that somehow had Tiamat pay him a visit. That depends on what would happen in the upcoming Rise of Tiamat streaming campaign later on this year, but I could always say that he was around in the climactic battle and the five-headed bitch just raked him one. A Wood Elf ranger who came from a long line, a well known family in the region. Then there’s the Gnome Bard who rides a billy goat. Expect to see that goat eat a lot of…everything.

And finally, there will be another wizard who intends to be a Necromancer.


Should I call in the Dark Powers rule?

Depends on what else happens.

In the meantime, I’ve set up a title screen for the upcoming session videos which will start this coming week. I wanted to get it done with a Rasberry Pi 2, but parts were too slow to come by. I also need to get a monitor to work with them. However, I have a backup with my Lenovo Yoga tablet, which will do the recording duty for Session 1.

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