Feburary Update: Pateron is up, New Player’s Wiki

There was a time when things got a bit swamped for time for a couple weeks, but I managed to get stuff done.

First of all is the switch from a GoFundMe to what I wanted to have, a Patreon.  This is where most of my newer content, including my Æthercoil campaigns, will be promoted.  Right now, my Patreon is soft-launched; it’s out but there’s little in it yet.  I have it out now so I’ll have a place to put in and preview Æthercoil’s first official adventure, the Starter Set.  As Patrons show up and put money into the system, I’ll add adventures that expand to that Starter Set as well as start up campaigns.

The second is the official launch of the Player’s Wiki.  This is the official “Player’s Handbook” for Æthercoil.  Since the campaign setting works with D&D 5E (You can even use the Basic Rules to get started), I use a lot of material from the Rulebooks and build on them.  This Wiki references a lot from these books (having them available is required since the System Resource Document and the Open Game License doesn’t allow me to just Copypasta whole parts fo the books.) and accepts most of the Unearthed Arcana.  I put in there the parts that I created and modified for the players to use.)

As I mentioned elsewhere, if Wizards of the Coast has any problems with the wiki, please let me know first before you hit me with the Cease and Desist.  I’ll change the part that’s the problem.

February will see some more action on this site.  I’m working on the second draft of Æthercoil Magazine #4, with additional artwork which will have a view here, as well as the Starter Set. Once both is put in official form, the Patreon will really have a proper start, and hopefully my New Years Resolution will come true.

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