Æthercoil Magazine Issue 4 for February 2017

Up til now, I could pace my issues of my public worldbuilding notebook for every other month.  Issue 4 will arrive a month later than expected, February at the earliest or March if I can’t help matters.  There’s more than just the holidays which includes a family reunion out of state that warrants this.

I’m at the point where I can reconstruct the Player’s Handbook Wiki for both my D&D campaigns and Æthercoil.  (In fact, any option that I experiment with or have a player in my table work with, will become Æthercoil Legal; there are some exceptions of course, including options from the Wizards rulebooks.)  The initial form of the flavor texts for this Wiki, including various tutorials and home rules, will be written in the Magazine, and then transferred to the Wiki.  This will include revisiting former options (Including the Engineer and Jester classes) and giving them one more once over.  This also includes the short story snippets where each character option is described (Unless it’s taken from said rulebooks; there’s only so much I can legally copypaste into the Wiki).  I’ll also will expand on the weapons, armor, equipment, kits and the other options such as Feats, Backgrounds, Spells, and the many Prestige Classes.

While I’m doing this, I’ll be considering this a warm up to bringing back Jamie’s story.  The Red-Haired Elf began in Issue 2 and I intend on continuing her story come hell or high water.  I intend to tell the world of Æthercoil through both fiction and campaigns, eventually into published (read: selling the PDFs and forming a Kickstarter for printed publications instead of using Pay What You Want as a tip jar.) Hopefully, the fiction will get the people interested in the campaigns.

It’s not certain whatever Æthercoil will become my Forgotten Realms.  But if this leads me into another setting, at least Æthercoil would’ve granted me plenty of practice in worldbuilding.  Not to mention working in a field with a community that doesn’t get as toxic as it did in DeviantART.  Even with reddit, things have been positive in comparison.  So far so good.

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