December 6 Update

I haven’t put much here as of late because I’ve been very busy with the projects, especially with the campaigns, as well as wrestling with the streaming gremlins.  As I’m doing so, I experimented with some other social media.

This magazine isn’t political heavy; I’m not one to lay that part too thick.  However, I’m right of center, left of someone like Donald Trump or the RPG Pundit, but still a lover for what some consider as basic concepts like free speech, concrete Truth, solid culture based on western morals—if not western geography or ethnicities—and the idea that, one; a Role Playing Game becomes “inclusive” and “diverse” with the Players and the Dungeon Masters instead of the designers; and two; actual inclusivity would include me, which is unlike what some people claim inclusivity would be.

During 2016, we found out what some people’s answer of what inclusive is:  Without a whole swath of people who would meet them half way if they weren’t shat on all the time.  The one who would include even someone like me into the group is the one who became successful.  Not me as a white cis male with autism, but me as a human being.  Acknowledge me as a person and someone who deserve to be on the same planet as you, and I will vote for me.  Do what Hillary Clinton has done, and I’d just go, “Geez, why don’t you get it out of your system and call me a f—–[1], why don’t you?” and leave.

This is why I got out of most social media:  Any social media who would suspend anyone because they do not uphold the views held by those running said media would in turn on me from using this same service just out of utter spite.  Those who ban Milo because he’s Alt Right would ban me because fuck me; I’m just not welcomed in the same planet as them.  That is the reason why I don’t use Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and most recently DeviantART.  I don’t make comics anymore because even if I do make a character who was gay and possibly trans—Forensic Investigator Jim Goodlow who became the human host for high-tech sentient character costume Scarlet, for example—I would still be denigrated for being homo and transphobic.  I don’t write fiction because even if I make the best quality novel I ever made—and I even have a good idea for it late in a podcast I’ll mention later—I’ll just get mass rejected by every publisher without even a thumb through[2].  And forget about having me into any fan group, because straying one iota from some group’s standard of what is acceptable is the equivalent of drawing the Prophet Mohammad.  In Mecca.  During the Hajj.

This is what led me into the Role Playing Game community, because most of the group—diverse as it is—have welcomed me with open arms, have a very viable marketplace of both ideas and materials, and have a well-made open tent based on 5th Edition (with a bunch of other systems) in spite of what their detractors would think.

Note to self:  Write a small article describing a difference between an Old School RPG and a Storygame RPG.  It’ll be a fine read.

It is this welcoming to views that might not match lockstep to authoritarian norms is why I’m on Google Plus, at least for the moment.  While I’d occasionally get a caterwauling SJW—or worse, a conspiracy theorist talking about a flat earth—Google isn’t banning me outright because of a snippy remark.  My most recent addition to my Social Media is ( which is a still-in-beta alternative to Twitter after that service got all SJW on us, which I got in because they value free speech, and because of that, my existence in that service.  Granted, you’ll get some extremists views there, but if that’s the price for being in a media that won’t ban me because David Gonterman, then so be it.

Another place in the social media I found a home in could use some help, which I’ll do to repay the kindness given to me.

It took me a while for me to find the link—I was looking in the wrong place—but I managed to find the stream that I was in. It’s called ‘Bass to the Bone,’ is located at , and could use some help with the logo and possibly some web pages.  I might design one as thanks for such a positive experience.  It could’ve easily denigrated to an hour long prank, which might have happened before the turn of the millennium, but it didn’t.

That alone is enough for me to support this blog further.  I might not be the most famous person around.  Some would say that I am ‘famous,’ but I deny it; famous people don’t have to worry about being on Social Security because people want to make paying deals and want me towork with them.  Me?  I’m hard pressed to find someone who’d even talk to me without hiding behind some pseudonym because they’re either a troll or too afraid to even associate with me.  Famous people don’t have to look for someone to say anything positive about them.  Before TV Tropes grew up and decided not to be a troll site, it exclaimed that there wasn’t a single person saying anything positive toward me.  Famous people can help groups gain publicity.  Me?  Between the Clinton and Bush presidencies, I was pretty much kryptonite to anything I was near.

So, I appreciate people who approach me and give me a fair shake on their blogs, which is what Bass to the Bone has done.  They’re nice to me, I’ll repay the favor.

[1] I don’t use this in the more expected sense.  If you’re being called this epithet before you reached graduation, especially before you reached puberty, homosexuality is the least of your problems.

[2] And don’t get me started with getting any awards; I know that they’d rather vote “No Award” than let me have it.  This even includes the Participation ones.

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