I. Hate. Mister. Murphy.

Item:  Youtube has failed me for the last time.

It ain’t enough that I have the expected troubles with infiniscene being beta the way it is.  But now I’ve found out the hard way that I’ve exported my latest stream—the first session in “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” playing as Jamie Wintertouch (playtesting the Witch Class along the way)—and Youtube for some reason killed the sound.  And here I thought I wouldn’t have problems with youtube because I don’t have any political content in my videos.

I decided that I have enough of that site and I’m looking for another.  It was easy for me to find an alternative that doesn’t jerk people around.  I decided to try Dailymotion out for my video storage and see if they could be of any help.

Item:  Æthercoil Magazine #3

This is the reason why I’ve been so quiet as of late, other than the usual gremlin of other players not being around for sessions.  (A common malady toward Internet D&D players.) Almost immediately after I published Issue #2, I had enough loose items to make Issue #3, where I toss in some more options, elaborate more on my remix of the Witch Class with my own archetype, some other Prestige Classes, and more worldbuilding fluff where I pull a page from the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide and let people from the world itself make their own input.  The first such missive is from Justin Mercurial and he describes the region of the Calais Triangle, post playtesting…if I would ever get to playtesting, that is.

Item:  The Carpe GM Podcast

Link to CarpeGM Digital Entertainment

While the last video I’ll post to Youtube wasn’t with sound, it wasn’t without any feedback.  I got a message from Bryan King from CarpeGM that they wanted me to be in their recent blog posts.  I did a little research and they’re legit, and I’ll be meeting with them next Saturday, the 22nd.  I hope everything goes well.

Or at least better than what I’m currently having.  If only I could find this Mr. Murphy bastard and…

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