Æthercoil Update: Playtest Begins!

As you noticed, I haven’t posted any updates for my Curse of Strahd campaigns, particularly because of Spoilers.  Also because of a lack of players causing sessions to be called off online and ultimately merging my Friday table with Denzil’s Saturday table, and I would’ve saved the session if Infiniscene didn’t act beta on me.

But I’ll make steps not to get the next session any problems because it’s a hallmark night for Æthercoil:  The Playtest Campaign begins with a brand new party, some of them from some of my play-by-post campaign.  This is a major conversion of The Lost Mine of Phandelver set in my own campaign world.

This is coinciding with the coming completion of the first issue of Æthercoil Magazine.  This online periodical which will be put in DriveThruRPG will chronicle my development of this campaign world as well as compile my smaller character and monster options.  You’ll see an upgraded version of some of my homemade anthro races, including a combination of Foxfolk and a Kitsune Prestige Class.  I’ll also introduce the Scalable Monster Stat Block, where the stat block includes a table for stats that increase with the Challenge Rating, something that will help DMs scale the creatures on the fly for encounters.

With this magazine, I’ll be writing in-depth about  the creation  of the Æthercoil world, including whatever feedback I get from readers and commenters.  I’ve already got some into Issue #1 and more will come in future issues on the way to the final project:  The published campaign guide.  The issues are also ‘Pay what you want’ so that if you want to support me in this project, the option is there.  (And the option is being used, I’ve got about $20 from my first three documents to date.)

The first session of Æthercoil will be this Friday, the 19th at 7 PM Central.

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