D&D recap; Princes of the Apocalypse; 8 Apr 16

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu6Z4jY2LCk

Oh, I doooo miss this.

I miss laughing my ass off when I’m on the DMs chair.  That’s what I end up doing when I see the party running amok all over my campaign world. In this case the “Eternal Flame” floor of the Temple of the Elements.  (The main multi-level dungeon in Princes of the Apocalypse.)  I wanted the party to have multiple dips in this dungeon, so I wanted several quests in that dungeon.  One of them is getting an orb of dragonkind from Vanifer, the tiefling prophetess of the Cult of Eternal Flame.

The party was able to reach for that orb, but not before some rather lewd, crude, and halfway screwed scenes—you can thank Ardie for this, the way this bard tries to get it on with every possible girl she could see, including Vanifer, which I screwed with her dimension door spell and plopped her right into the tiefling’s lair, and then have Ardie charmed into becoming Vanifer’s thrall for a good five minutes.

All this thinking of how to thwart Denzil and his rules-lawyering and min-maxing.  I looked at any and every challenge with relish, and countering a Rules Lawyer with Thinking Outside of the Box can make for a big meta-challenge.  Rules Lawyer meets Creative Thinker.  And sometimes I get the better of them.

And sometimes they do it to themselves.  They got the orb of dragonkind and they have randomized properties, and the dice rolling shows two different twists:  One, the orb grants proficiency in Performance, which thanks to the Rules Lawyer they stack.  And two, the orb contains the spirit of an elder red dragon—which the dragon who wants that orb wants to destroy—who will think of nothing of possessing the one attuned to the orb and reforming him or her into its new body.

Guess who attuned to that orb.

The bard.

She now has 4X perform, but if she actually performs, she runs the risk of becoming a Chaotic Evil Elder Red Dragon who would one round the party.  Bards need to perform to do anything, including spellcasting.

Not to be outdone, I set up a cliffhanger where Vanifer—who escaped the battle with the Rules Lawyer while I was nerfing that game-breaking scythe—got every other Tom, Dick, and Harriet to surround the party.

Me and Denzil are going to lob mutual assured TPKs at each other, I know it.

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