The Cold doesn’t bother me…but…

…I knew it would bother some of my players to have to lug around in sub zero wind chills last Wednesday (18 Feb 15).  Hence I cancelled Encounters last week.  Fortunately I have a couple blockbuster climatic encounters for the next two weeks–the final weeks of Hoard of the Dragon Queen–and have it done in time to start the next season, Princes of the Apocalypse.

Getting it video casted, however, will take some doing, becuase I have some problems getting a decent computer set up right.  I need to get a new one for the Twitch Channel which will show online games as well as showing artwork, which will occur in a couple months, but I think I can get something working in the interim:

phpotywzkMeet the Raspberry Pi.  A fully functional–if not exceptionally powerful–computer the size of a credit card.  The card itself is $35, which goes to about $50-60 when you add the other necessities like the Micro SD card for the hard drive, and a compatable video cable.

This is essentially a hobbiest computer, capable of powering robots and creating your own personalized Game Boy.  But I wager that it could make a decent video camera as well, since I have a web camera, some spare extra components (Like a mouse and keyboard) and a spare monitor to hook this baby up to.

It’ll cost me about $80 for all the parts, but I think I can have a great video recording device out of this machine, which will be perfect for recording videos.  And it’ll be well into my budget to boot.

I’ll let you know how this bit comes up.

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