Clutch Time in Encoutners

I told the party last Wednesday (11 Feb 15) that this encounter was going to be a barn burner and I did not disappoint.

Trigger Warning:  Spoilers

For those who’s gotten to this point in Hoard of the Dragon Queen knows, Blagothkus (the Cloud Giant) isn’t on par with the Cult of the Dragon as the Cult hoped.  Let’s just say that he didn’t take too kindly to having anyone take over his home.  Especially when said castle is run by the ghost of this Giant’s life.  So he plans to get to the Control tower across the upper courtyard.  The party escourted him of course.

Right within the mist-shrouded eyesight of Cultist Vampire Sandesyl Morgia.  (Great name for a vampire, may I add)

Needless to say that this was the first real boss battle I have with 5th Edition rules*–complete with Legendary Resistance and Legendary Actions–and inspite of a couple pulled punches (and my lack of a pre-read of all the abliities she can do) I gave the party a run for their money.  I would’ve gotten them a TPK if it weren’t for me controlling the Cloud Giant, who was in the fight as well.

Very good practice for the future boss event at the end, and with three episodes left before the next chapter, I got some interesting encounters to plan.

Starting with the crowd that a certain cloud giant gathered when he protested being snacked on by that vampire.

Behold the next D&D game coming this year.

There might be a good chance that I might stream some sessions with me in a Dungeon Master capacity.  Providing that I can get the game to work on my computer, and have it streaming, you could see me joining the video game streaming community later on this year.

But that’s further down the timestream.

Syn2It took me some talking with some of my collaborators, and a good amount of trial and error, but I managed to get a decent–and unique–hairstyle for Syn here.  Which means that I’ve finally gotten over the blasted artist’s block and can go back to The Ballad of Johnny Briz web comic. Hopefully the wait would be worth it.

So unless something happenes between now and Saturday, have a happy National MGTOW Day everyone (14 Feb 15)

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