Princes of the Apocalypse recap: 15 Jan 16

Ever had one of those sessions that you didn’t do much preparation, didn’t have much time, had everything go south, but had an enjoyable session nonetheless? This session is much like that.

I had a need to replace the filter in my fish tank as well as replace my Microsoft Natural Keyboard. Add a coupon for a free jump drive, and I ended up taking the light rail across Saint Louis to Brentwood, where a pet store was within walking distance of my favorite computer store, Micro Center. It takes me two and a half hours each way, but it’s worth the trip with Micro Center having a wide selection with affordable prices. One of these days, I’ll make my own build with stuff from this store. The replacement Keyboard had the wrist riser that I so missed in the older version. Having the board tilted away from me really helps my occasionally aching wrists.

However, this creates a problem of me robbing Peter to bail out Paul. All this time spent in the morning took away prep time for tonight’s session, a preparation time that got a bit more complicated with problems with Infiniscene. The online streaming service is still in beta, and so it’ll have their problems. Afterward I found out that a couple refreshes of the web page takes care of much of the connection to my computer.

On to the session proper. There was the usual entertainment form Spazehamster Boo and his Proselytizing Paladin, there was also a bit of a choice for the party: They can go for the second of the four weapons, assist a party south and retrieve an Orb of Dragonkind or go north near Beliard to rescue a wizard who was rediscovering a cheaper form of restoring people who’ve been turned to stone (the 3rd Level Stone to Flesh). They chose the last option, and so the party moves on to rescue mode.

It didn’t get much else because we had someone that would drive some DM’s nuts: A walk-on that was completely new. And by new I mean that this guy has never played D&D before. He had some experience with Warhammer, but not in any Tabletop Roleplaying Game. While I have as little experience in Roll20 Character Sheets as he has in TRPGs, I prove myself, as usual, more than happy to help out, walking him through some of the features in D&D and after the session I showed him the basic rules and set him up with a character of his own.

All in all, not a perfect session, but such episodes happen in any career. (How many of these did Chris Perkins had in his life?) It all depends on your ability to bounce back from these days. Bouncing back is something I learned to do for decades.

One more recap to come, this time on one of my Play by Post campaigns, and then I talk aobut my Æthercoil session and how the GM’s Guild affects it.

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