The past week, dated 8 Feb 15

Last Wednesday in Encounters was as expected. I set it up so that it will take them a while, and there’s a possibility for a TPK since it’s the final chapter and both the party and myself are swinging for the fences.

They’re still acting stupid though. They went through Parnast with its requisite battle, and I lead them through a villager, who gave the party a ton of information, including two passwords they can use to enter the castle.

Now then, if you know both passwords, do you actually use them both at once?

Or would that just make the Ogres in the flying castle think there’s something stinky and it’s not them?

Well, that’s what happened, and the orcs managed to get the party to their boss, or what they told the party as their boss, the Frost Giant running the place. They close the door and laugh at the party where the Frost Giant loomed over them and said, in a calm voice that contrasted him tossing an assistant out a window just five seconds prior, “You didn’t just use both pass phrases, did you? I’m about to have my castle rescued by idiots.”

The remainder of February’s really going to be interesting over at Hero’s Hangout.Syn

I know it took me a while for me to make this post, or for that matter the web comic. (Yeah, I know my new year’s resolution was a bit too much to ask, but what can I say? I’m doing it for the practice.) I was blocked with Syn’s hairdo. I wanted it to look different from Amber, or for that matter, Johnny’s, and that’s still a work in progress for me. I’ve got some decent ideas and samples to work with though.

I thought I had a good wip right now, but she still looks a bit too similar. I’ll keep at it 🙂


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