Moonsea Refugee Campaign, Session 1

Trigger Warnings: Unique Homemade Campaign in an Encounters table. Gun activity. Blogger using Studio Ghibli style to get the rust out of drawing.

As I posted just the other day, I made my 2016 resolution to get back into art. Nothing too serious or elaborate at this point, just get back into illustration. I’ll be experimenting with styles, introducing inking on the computer (which will create a cleaner line which I found out), and getting both the emotional char from being burned out as well as the rust out of my system.

The kids weren’t around this Wednesday (30 Jan 15), probably because of the holidays again. I know that they’ll be back by the 6th, so I went for the alternate campaign.

I’ve already prepared for a moment like this and even had a campaign guide written down. In a nutshell, I put the Syrian Refugee Crisis in the Forgotten Realms. In my Realms, it is the Moonsea region that has been getting all the strife, thanks to all the destruction and now madness that went on with the Expeditions Seasons. This created a mass exodus of a good number of people there; about 100K, not as great as the real world version but still formidable; and headed due south to the Dales and Cormyr, who have had problems similar to some Eurpoean Countries.

This leads into the aftermath of a Play by Post campaign—for those who are in the Aglaren campaign, there will be spoilers—a 1000-year lost kingdom has reappeared, with a working city and a couple monarchs, but no citizens. The hook of this campaign is to have the refugees come to this kingdom and help rebuild it.

That leads up to this session. A dragon got shot up just prior, as written in the guide. The party was told that there might be a hoard in the lair that dragon used, and they can have a share of it if it’s there; the rest will go into the refugee relief effort. Cue your classic dungeon crawl with several variable monsters, leading up to my Realms’ return of the Cult of the Dragon.

Or at least a couple cultists who know of Lord Justin, the man who killed said dragon and lied in wait to capture him when he found his way in to take his prize. Little did they know that there was a whole party investigating while Justin was still outside talking with god knows who. Justin didn’t show up until it was about closing time to point his rifle muzzle right at the remaining cultist.


I’m experimenting with a Ghibli-like style ( a la Ryuutama ) for an SD variant so I can put some gag pics in my projects.

Updates to this campaign will be sparser than my regulars, since this is a backup campaign. But it’ll be interesting nonetheless because of the subject; it’s very timely.

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