D&D Recap, Dec 2-4, Part 1

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, Multiple Parts, Chapter Recaps, Business Reports, Sex-Positive content, and a DM who’s perturbed by unspoken political shit on the media.

I shouldn’t have to remind you of the notice I’ve added on the left side of this web site, do I?

Anyway, there’s a lot of stuff to go through, so I had to split it into three installments. I pretty much had a full week Dungeon Mastering, which is good, because of what happened in San Bernardino (which was bad) and what counted as news in the aftermath (which was just as worse as it was expected. We’ll never have another September 12 where we more or less united as a nation anymore. First chance I see that D&D dark ride, I’m going in it.)

Item: Out of the Abyss, Encounters, Wednesday 2 DEC

Compared to the previous week, things were slow, with just four people. It’s expected, being in the holiday season, to have less people coming to the table over at Hero’s Hideout. Unfortunately, this is during a time where the store itself is having a hard time; the business needed to cut back with some of its inventory (canceling comic books unless the people order it, as well as pulling back available games. I don’t like where this is heading, especially with the possibility of the store closing and me needing to find a new space to set up a local public D&D night.

The party of four managed to get to Entemoch’s Boon, and found out that the basilisks were using that summoning circle as a nest. At least one of those eggs will be kept to hatch, I know it. Meanwhile, I had them meet Grazilaxx, the Society of Brilliance Mind Flayer member, after he had his midnight snack of dead insane drow. He told the party about what happened in the Neverlight Grove: The deep gnomes there managed to gather the supplies they need to ooze-proof the party’s weapons, but at dire cost: The spore malaise that came from the Demon Queen of Fungi, Zuggtmoy, enveloped this unfortunate party and infected them with her madness. They left the stocked up cart for a Shambling Mound to find, who would’ve destroyed it and its contents if the party didn’t arrive to pick it up.

At this point, I can begin the Battle of Blingdenstone at the next session, which will be the closing part of the first half of this campaign…provided that the story stays open for me to actually finish it.

Item: Dreams of the Red Wizards, Thursday 3 DEC

In both of my Roll20 campaigns, I’m running a party that’s in a state of flux; with the constant need for new characters to fill in the needed spots. (I tend to call a session off if I have three or less players. Note to self, make a special three-player event for when I only have my three Encounters mainstays, Bill, Rich, and John, with me.) I’ve kept an open call, and in some cases even a waiting list of new players, some of which join in to find out more about my style and then bowing out for one reason or another. Not that I mind, though; I’m still looking for a steady group to have a running stream anyway. That will still take me a year or two to get. I just hope that this vetting process (and the constant sense that I’m herding cats getting a party together) pass sooner rather than later.

This session ran as slow as my Encounters table, but in this case, it’s because they were in the last room of the Floshin Estate chapter and are en route to Firehammer’s Hold, which they’ll begin in the next session. They managed to defeat Shalendra Floshin, the elf that’s possessed by the demon Baazka, but not completely sever his hold on her. At this point, the party’s succubus ally Pancheska showed up with a cleaning crew of maids dressed like the anime He Is My Master. (I warned you about the Sex-Positive content didn’t I? And Pancheska would be more drawn toward those uniforms than Yoshitaka Nakabayashi will ever be. And yes, before you ask, she has already had orgies with them by now. Succubus, hello?) As her cleanup crew take care of the mess the party has made of the mansion—and insisting that they do not take the mansion for themselves—she discussed the inert, and naked, elf: Bazzka still has a connection to her and can still except control unless the connection is severed. This can be done in two ways at this time. One, take her to the House of the Morning in town for an exorcism. That would be a standard play, but even in her human guise, Pancheska doesn’t like being near that place much. She might not be “Evil” but that’s still a church, after all. And then there’s Option Two: Pencheska could transfer the connection from Bazzka to herself, using her nature as a demon herself. This will only make Shalendra remain a puppet, although to a different master, and might make her become a Succubus herself. How that would happen, of course, would be telling.

At this time, I get word that the party wants to take over the entire Sword Coast, City by City, starting with Daggerford if they could handle it. That gets me worried a bit, not because of the logistical nightmare it would take to usurp the whole Lord’s Alliance (who would team up and stomp my party flat, nonetheless, while Pancheska just laughs at the mortal’s folly. As she takes up control of the related business, of course) but also because I have plans for them. The second part of this campaign is Dead in Thay, which will end with a rather important decision for the party.

But that’s still far ahead in the time stream. The next part of this recap will discuss the business side of the Fountainhead business in Dreams of the Red Wizards, as well as a listing of the haul they have in the Floshin Estate (which Pancheska replaced behind their backs… for reasons.) The recap will close with my Princes of the Apocalypse recap, with a magic item that I brought from my Cybering sessions.

Yes, I’ll be triggering some Modern Feminists with this recap. I advise you to read that notice again.

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