D&D recap; week of Nov 15-21 2015

Otherwise known as the “I’m a slacker” post.

Been through one meeting with family and friends all over the weekend, and I knew that I let something slip…I don’t remember what it would be…oh right, the recap! I’m an idiot!

Item: Out of the Abyss, Encounters, 18 Nov 15

I managed to get the party to release Ogremoch’s Bane from the material world, after I have them defeat the animated drow statues. But then something happened that triggered one of my pet peeves.

Remember the Dragon’s Hatchery all the way back to Hoard of the Dragon Queen? I planned a whole month of two of content in that dungeon, while I was still using the shortened Encounters version of the module. The party blazed through that dungeon in two weeks. Why? They bought a copy of the module themselves and were reading along.

I don’t mind people jumping off the tracks, even though I don’t try to railroad (I prefer a network of Paths and Nodes myself) but if you’re going to be looky looing and buying the book yourself to read ahead, at least have the decency to not let me know.

Guess what someone did this week? In Blingdenstone Area 10, there’s a deep gnome named Sark Axebarrel, who would warn the party of the medusa that they encountered the week before, and would’ve given them a reward…had the party, or someone when the party split into three separate tracks (oi!) would’ve met him.

First thing in this session, someone went and paged back in the book and went, “Hey! There’s this guy who offered a 1,000 GP diamond if we return the head of the medusa to him!”

I didn’t put in a Trigger warning, because that’s one of the few things that would’ve triggered me.

I currently have them searching for Entemoch’s Boon, and I’m going to have to make it a wee bit harder to make them responsible for this crime. I scrambled a bit in donjon.sh to generate a quick layout for a dungeon where the Earth Elemental summoning circle is located, and there’s definitely going to have to deal with the party in Neverlight Grove…I’ll be working all night tomorrow on this one.

Item: Dreams of the Red Wizards, 19 Nov 15

I managed to get some extra players in the game, and enough players arrived so I can continue in this campaign. They managed to work their way almost to the end of the Floshin Estate where they have to deal with the possessed member of their clan. I had to stop them from forging any deeds to wrest the mansion from the Floshin’s. (They want them to deal with the evils in their home, not take their home away from them.) I managed to throw in document protection schemes in official Faerunian documents that resemble checks and bills. Next time you have a check or a crisp new $20 in your hand, look it over, you’ll find a lot of anti-counterfeiting stuff in there.

Of course, the PCs continue to be stupid and see how far they can push the boundaries with me. Even though I do have some standards. (No, you cannot forge a document to show that you now own someone else’s mansion. Besides, you have 4 locations in two different cities already. Go find another abandoned shack to renovate.) I do let the dragonborn piss in fountains. But that only means that I get to summon water grues, and later on, a water elemental, to drown, strangle, and knock him out like a pinata. They finally got the hint.

This is Thanksgiving week, so I won’t have a Dreams of the Red Wizards table this week. But there might—if I can get a new player in—have a Princes of the Apocalypse session, which will make its way to a place where I bring back an item from my Author Avatar and Mind Control Roleplaying Days. Here’s a hint: Aline Rabbit.

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