Baldur’s Gate Investigations announced.

Let me put this out on record at the start. If you’re looking for my best effort with this project, just keep on looking. I’m learning how to program a Role Playing Game, something I always wanted to make since I was a kid, with RPG Maker MV, the program I bought so I can start off from its launch. I’m learning how to code, especially with the Gordian Knot that is Object Oriented Computing. I’m even learning how to do Digital Inking on Draw Plus for some good amount of the graphics there, especially the bust picutres.

This is not going to be a AAA-level quality game here. I doubt it’ll even be worthy for Steam.

As they say, your first novel, artwork, RPG Maker project, or anything else, is going to suck. Suck. Major. Balls.

You can understand why I’m using my first Encounters campaign I D.M.ed for my first RPG Maker Project. I wanted to remake Murder in Baldur’s Gate into something I find more agreeable, and to start bringing you, the online followers, up to speed on what’s going on in my offline Forgotten Realms campaigns. I’ll also use this game as a sort of experiment lab for future games, where I add some parts (either here or in other D&D-themed projects) which will be used for any commercial projects, if I actually start with one.

And of course, it must be said that this project is a pure fan-work. I’m doing this for the learning experience and as a derivative work, and it will be free for all to play. That way, it’ll fall into Fair Use Laws of the United States of America. I’m just doing this for the learning, for the love of D&D, and for the shits and giggles.

You might not see a lot of progress here on this blog, but I have opened up a discussion over at a RPG Maker MV forum I’m a part of. You’ll see a lot of progress there.

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