Encounters Update: Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Jan 28

Trigger Warning: Spoilers

Another week, another Chapter, another block of leftovers to put in my Persistent Forgotten Realms.

I didn’t think that the Hunting Lodge chapter is going to last long, and my trio of players did not disappoint, after they took care of the troll Trespin (Note to self: When DMing to a group who knows enough to use fire attacks on trolls, it’s best to replace boss trolls with something else. A dragon, perhaps.) they managed to look for anyone who resembles their kidnapped PC. They managed to get to the basement and, as they release the captives, they’ve told of the Wearer of Purple by a Cleric who’s available as an ally NPC, and then heads up to find Talis the white. While she was miffed over the loss of her four-armed friend, she’s more pissed off because Rezmir didn’t warn her that the Wizard he was dragging around had friends pursuing him. She just points the party toward Parnast with the request for the head of Rezmir, followed by Severin and that idiot dwarf Severin passed her over for. They left the Lodge and headed to Parnast, ending the chapter.

It was designed as a quickie. And it was played as a quickie.

And it left me with a perfectly good lodge (with printed maps to put on the table) for me to reuse, and I have a good reason to. Let me show you where I placed that Lodge, and where it’s settled in Faerun: (I’m using the 4th Edition map for a reference.)

Hunting Lodge Map

It’s at easy reach of Everska, the Serpent Hills, and Netheril, and I had a big Adventure Hook in Netheril. As some of you know with your FR Ancient History, Netheril was once a kingdom major into magic with floating cities, but someone trying to become a god destroyed the magical energies around the kingdom, including the magic that caused the floating cities to float…you can guess the aftermath.

Fast-forward to the Sundering in my Forgotten Realms. During the Sundering, the Magic Weave gets a hard reboot, resetting to its default condition. Because of this, the magic that once fueled Netheril and those floating cities returned. Of course, the condition of these floating cities caused a series of explosions that ripped apart the Shadovar rulers of the region.

This occurred during my short-time half-finished foray into Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle. I made it as far as the Amburgul crypts and the party found the family tree tapestry. They learned that there is a present day descendant of the Amberguls: a PC I had from a 1ED game named Darcy Ambergul. A cleric who’s investigating the surge of magic in the region as they’re speaking. The Adventure hook which I’d get to is to get the party to give the tapestry to Darcy and assist her in retaking Netheril from the Shadowvar. I once had Darcie have a homestead, but I think it’ll be easier if I repurpose the Hunting Lodge as a base camp for the party, and have her set up a homestead in a remade floating town.

I might get back to this adventure idea in a future time, no doubt in an online venue.

Once I take care of some things, of course. I still need to plan the final chapter of Horde, which shouldn’t take long and will give me about a month of two of action. There’s an RPG Maker project in the works which I’m fooling around with; I’ll give you an update when I have something presentable. And of course, getting to the next Johnny Briz page.

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