Dreams of the Red Wizards recap; 15 OCT 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, Tentacles, me using word to improve on my horrible stuttering. Pencheska being Pencheska, Having my patience with Skype running it’s end.

Note:  Judging by the graphic on the top, you can probably guess that this entry might be graphic.  Just saying.

This session begins with the party finishing up Phylund Lodge and heading out to their next objective. Oh, and the sphere they found, I turned it into an actual Pokeball:

Capture Sphere (Wondrous Item, Requires Attunement)

Make a Thrown Improv Weapon attack against DC. On a hit, the sphere attempts to capture the target. Target must make a DC 15 STR/DEX check to avoid capture. Upon Capture, the target has three changes to make a DC 15 check using any attribute to escape, or else be trapped there until released. The target doesn’t need to breathe, eat, drink, or sleep while inside the Sphere.

For an Action, the person attuned to it can shrink the ball, and whoever inside it to a five-inch-wide sphere, with a weight at five pounds. Another Action will return it to its original large beach ball size.

However, there are no other features that make it resemble a Pokeball, no matter what the party wishes it. Also, it was a vehicle for a new player to drop in.

On the way out, they ran into a couple orcs and a wereboar show up; an encounter I made just to mess with the party, and to give one of the warlocks a chance to try out a spell they’re itching to try out.

And immediately regretted it. Maybe.

Do you want to know what happens inside the pitch lack, whispering, and slurping field of a Hunger of Hadar spell? Go Google “Tentacle Porn.”

That’s what happened to that poor Wereboar. And one of the orcs got the squeeze so hard that his head popped off his shoulders.

It seems that Cthulhu doesn’t fuck around when he’s pissed off.

After that, they had a choice of what to do next. They decided to go to Firehammer Hold and along the way, check out the Floshin estate because they heard rumors of something nefarious going on there. But rather than verify things from Sir Darfin Floshin over at Daggerford, which was another option, they decided to just go to the estate which was closer to them than any other location.

That’s when I had Natyssa, appearing in her succubus form, to bring them up to speed. (Especially when I needed her to get in touch with them super quick because some wanted to burn the estate to the ground.) Natyssa warned the party not to do that, as well as telling them what she heard from her own contacts. This is where I started stuttering major in the stream, so I’m restating her line in text form here:

“I heard from Sir Darfin Floshin that one of her relatives, one Shalendre Floshin, is in contact with the Red Wizards.” Natyssa said. “I also have heard that she has been possessed by a demon named Baazka, which I hope that some of you found out about him by now.” She puts up a coy smile. “I have my own ways in getting these juicy tidbits. From what I hear, she’s helping the Red Wizards tamper with some of the wards in this estate, probably to have Baazka leave his place in the Abyss and enter this world via this location. Of course, you should stop them, I’ve seen how maddening demons can get, and it’ll be bad for us. It’ll be equally bad if something bad happens to the estate itself, so, please, don’t do anything to the building more than necessary.”

When one of the party asked Natyssa to help clean up after themselves, she nodded with a smile. “I think I have some who can help out on that.” Of course, she’s referring to some maidens that she enthralled into being her personal maids with black miniskirts, aprons, feather dusters and carte blanch to explore themselves with their “Mistress Pencheska,” but they can also clean.

What do you expect?   She might not be under any demand to corrupt souls for Asmodius, but she’s still a succubus. That Trigger Warning line on the top of all of my recaps are there for a fucking reason!

And although I didn’t count on it happening, the end of the session kinda went to crap again. It wasn’t the router this time, the new one I got now is aces. This time it’s Skype. Every time I try to get people together, Skype gets pissy. There’s always one user that can’t join in on any conversation unless he invites us all into their own chat room, one by one. And then there’s the possibility of someone always getting kicked out and the whole process has to start over again! So I’m going to switch to another chat program to do my online sessions. I’m thinking Teamspeak with a public server, soon to go private once I get some funding.

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