Out of the Abyss Recap, 14 OCT 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, foreshadowing, Twitchy High Elves, Players who want to go mad.

Honestly, some of the players on my table are fucking nuts!

This was the second half of the Darklake delve, which I take the party to, and then pass them through, the besieged village of Mantor-Derith. I won’t tell you all of the details, but I did let the party know that there is an evil black crystal that is driving everyone in there insane, including the guide that escorted them through a passage between two opened secret doors. (1c to 1a on the map, for the record.)

The guide was Sladis Vadir, the high elf who, in spite being a part of Emerald Enclave, had his sanity ground enough to thinking that killing and eating other humanoids would be a good idea. I had him running off screaming into the darkness when the party Restored him. Maybe it just alleviated it for a while, but then when they next see him…

Well, that would be telling. By the way, one of the party members wanted to keep the blood-soaked flint knife and handy haversack of severed limbs and eviscerated organs of gods know what. I just had to roll my eyes.

The next session would be a second part of travel on land, and I’ll have them go on their destination after the Halloween special event. Whatever or not they’re being pursued by the Drow from Velkynvelve remain to be seen.

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