Weekend Update for 17 Oct 15

This coming week will be a red letter day for me, because two of the programs that I’m buying, Sword Coast Legends and RPG Maker MV, are being released this week. (Finally!, as far as Sword Coast Legends are concerned.) They finally have some parts of the Single Player campaign in the last Head Start, and I have to say, they’ve really done a well job with the characterization of the NPCs. Especially with the rare complimentary relationship between Illydia (an Elf) and Larethar (a Dwarf). I hate to see what their wedding would be like.

Unfortunately for me, I’ll be unable to stream or even record Sword Coast Legends. My computer just doesn’t have the firepower, although I will continue on my plans to create SCL modules. At least not until Infiniscene appears in the scene. When that become available, I’ll try to make that stream. In the meantime, I can start on designing Baldur’s Gate Investigations, my first RMMV project, over in Twitch.

Also this week, I’ll also design my Halloween Zombie Horde episode where I put the party up against The Black Dragon in full-on Lich mode and PCs that become Zombies when they die. The survivors will gain a bonus in their Out of the Abyss campaign. I’ll also have an online session with a similar award.

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