Dreams of the Red Wizards recap: 08 OCT 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, Business Reports, references to games that I should name-drop less than I do. Reference to other games that makes me reconsider my belief in humanity.

I mean, you’d expect autistics to be into Pokemon better than baseball. Or D&D.

But that’s what the references go when the party delved deeper into Phylund Hunting Lodge—dealing with some bigger undead along the way, including a Zombie Beholder that I tossed in just to piss people off, heh heh heh—and they came into the shrine part of the crypts.

Yes, folks, that circular room does look like a pokeball.

And what’s worse? They found two parts of a stone sphere and thought that rolling it into that room to see if it does something.

Part of me has wheels turning in my head, the rest is just rolling my eyes.

Like the saying goes, “Give them the sun, take ‘em through hell for the moon.”

But anyway, I did say that I’d do the first tenday business report for the party’s official company, Umbrella Corp, so here I go.

……yeah……Umbrella Corp. I’m groaning with you.

The Fountain

In its initial launch, Open Lord Laeral Silverhand took a look at what you made of the building and gave it her vote of approval. The initial tavern businesses made a profit of 95 GP, and 12 people in 3 adventuring parties joined the guild, creating a 120 GP a month cashflow.

In the business mechanic we’re working on, we have two attributes that deal with how the business is going: Prestige, which is how well known and influential the business is; and Notoriety, how much in shadier dealings you are in. At this time, I’m just giving these two factors in basic 1 to 10 scales until we refine the matter better.

12 Guild Patrons in 3 groups total (2 Tendays til the next fees of 120 GP)
Other Profits add up to 95 GP
Prestige is at 2 (On a scale of 1 to 10) and rising, due to the initial good start.
Notoriety is at 0 (On a scale of 1 to 10)

The Farm

I’m assuming that they have planted all of the plants you need at this time, which will take three months (9 tendays) to grow.

My only question is what kind of potions you want to make and, and this is hanging me up, what ingredients are required. However, this is a mere problem for me, and it’s based on my current lack of lore. I mean, come on, does anyone know what kind of herbs and ingredients go into a simple Potion of Healing?

So we’re going to need a Herblore mechanic somewhere, something for me to put into the campaign world (both Forgotten Realms and Æthercoil) that will make potions a little less Automatic. I’ll let you know about any future developments.

Business progressed as Normal, without any major profits or losses.

The Mangus Scroll

Chou’s brew has become as well-known in Daggerford as Cheese and Caramel popcorn is in Eveningstar. (Wait until I get my RPG Maker MV projects going for that.) The Mangus Scroll gets a 60 GP profit…

….well, it would’ve been 90 GP, but Natyssa insisted in designing a decent corporate headquarters with the back building, using hotel rooms that nobody else is using. There’s a three floor front building which is the Mangus Scroll proper, and a two floor back building that you’re using as a home base, with your own personal room and board. Natyssa took the upper floor that was empty into the business and recordkeeping part of the business, with a quite opulent appeal may I add, and has wooed a couple loveless brainy maidens into being maids in the building, aiding in the number-crunching and accounting, and making sure that all the papers are in proper order. It’s best not to ask where she found them or how they became sooooo contented in life. (Of course, she’s still Pencheska to the locals in Daggerford, although they have admired her improvement in life and consider her secretarial position in your company a couple ranks up from “Whore with a Heart of Gold.” Little do they know, right?)

Maybe all that rich stuff she found to décor the place came from her personal collection.

Tenday profit: 60 GP
Business Headquarters set up proper. Opulent and Imperial. Only without any eldritch portals underneath. Sorry, I’m rambling.

Prestige is at a 5; the Mangus Scroll is the mid-range leader in Daggerford, catching up to the Lady Luck Tavern. Curran Corvalin’s sweating a little; not expecting this level of competition from what is still a new arrival.

Notoriety is at 2 because of the Red Dragon still in the basement. But the dragon has become an avid connoisseur, and knows of a pathway that allows him to get to the surface without disturbing Daggerford so he can hunt.

Tallying it up

The business combine to a 275 GP profit, which is put into the company bank account, making the balance 8275 GP, a good omen. Hope it lasts.

Now then, what to do to that Pokeball room.

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