The hassles of trying to stream and play with one Quad-Core, and a way around it.

Yesterday I literarily slept all day. If you have insomnia and you’re in your 40s, you can expect that. No, I am not a spring chicken.

Anyway, I wanted to spend this Head Start weekend to get to record some Sword Coast Legends to edit. However, it has become apparent that streaming or recording a game that you’re playing at the time is too much for a quad-core computer, even one as awesome (or maybe because of? Depends on who you ask) as an AMD A8. For best results, I would need a second Quad Core to do the recording-slash-streaming (I do have the bandwidth with it thanks to Charter Spectrum, and the new router is working great for that role) and get a screen capture card to feed the gameplay into the streaming machine.

Of course, that will cost more money than what I have so far, and with Illinois politics being as pissy as they are at this time, saving money up to get a third computer is a joke. (Although I would appreciate donations in the Paypal tip jar, accessible from the Affiliates tab. All donations will go to better equipment, and you can design your own NPC in the campaigns, be they D&D, SCL, and RPG Maker MV.)

But then I got invited into something that could be a big help with me: Infiniscene. This is a Streamcasting program that resides in the cloud, with a mere helper program residing in the background of your computer to connect to it. My computer sends the feed to Streamcast, who then has all the required processing power to create the stream, thus reducing the load on my own computer.

I’m looking forward to trying this service out. I’m already in the Beta Queue (in the 300s, no less) and I can invite anyone who’s interested in Infiniscene with this link: . I hope that this will be what I need to really get into the streaming community.

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