Out of the Abyss Recap, 08 Oct 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, Halloween Session Plans

The party had enough torches and food to last them throughout the trek through the Darklake region which will probably take them two sessions, including this one. I’ve got a simplified Event Deck system going: I draw until I get a number card, Aces being 1. If I get a red card, I add 10. I then consult the table for the results like a d20. For a d12, I just add Jacks for 11 and Queens for 12.

The session was pretty uneventful, expecting for a travel montage episode. Nothing much for me to report here, but there’s something else I wanted to announce here.

In three weeks, on the 28th, is the Halloween session in Encounters, and for that, I’m going to have a special one-shot session: A zombie apocalypse scenario that uses a regular villain of mine: Dralmorrer Borngray, the Black Dragon.

In my Hoard of the Dragon Queen campaign, I had Dralmorrer be left behind by the Cult of the Dragon when the heroes retook Castle Naerytar. Seeking revenge against the Cult of the Dragon, he delved deep into Thayan Necromancy to create a Zombie Apocalypse in Faerun.

In my Halloween scenario, I’ll be setting the party up against The Black Dragon in an encounter with him at full power. When he kills the PCs, he also reanimates them into becoming his army, and the players join my side of the screen and go after the survivors. Those still living when they finally get the Black Dragon down…or manage to escape with their lives…will have a reward waiting for them in they return to the campaign.

Those interested in playing this one shot will need to make a 6th Level character, and you can min-max on this one. I’ll have a real life session on the 28th, and if any of the Roll20 players want to, I’ll make online one-shots of the same scenario as well.


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