Dreams of the Red Wizards Business Report, 6 OCT 15

I never thought in my wildest dreams when I started this D&D themed blog that I’ll be starting a weekly—that’s what I’m shooting for—business report on a company that exists in my campaign world a la Bloomberg! The sick freaks in my Dreams of the Red Wizards proved me wrong.

It all began when someone rolled up on a net-based carousing table during a day of downtime. He first gave me the link to the table he’s using, and then he gave me the result.

Everyone’s jaw dropped, including my own, when they found themselves with the deeds to the Mangus Scroll tavern in Daggerford.

Now the party has to deal with running the business as well as the campaign. But the players wanted to get into some coin-raising schemes, so they ran with it. In fact, during the Undermountain chapter of the campaign, they even managed to get an abandoned guildhouse and refurbished it with an underground network of portals (So far two: One to Undermountain and another to Daggerford) and even had a farm in the process.

So here is my first business report on what I’m calling The Fountain, LLC., for now. (Name to change by the party if they wish.) We’re currently working on a more expansive business engine, which I’ll be gradually implementing as I go along.

But for now, I just want to set up the assets and the initial cash flow to get the playtest engine started. I’ll be assisted by Natyssa, one of the party’s employees who became the secretary of the group. For those who know her form the Scourge of the Sword Coast module, she has recently been freed from demonic and Thayan influences thanks to some Pandafolk brew, and just settled into a new life as a free succubus more interesting in living her life than wooing men into giving up their souls.

Sidebar: A succubus homerule

Incubi and Succubi are usually demon monsters that are pretty much what you expect from the Monster Manual. You can find out all you need to know about a standard D&D succubus in Dragon 417, near the end of their PDF run.

When a Succubi becomes an NPC, much like with Natyssa, I’d like to make her less Demonic and more hedonistic. The biggest reason for this is to pull the D&D setting away from its reputation brought on by the Histrionic Outrage Mongering SJWs of the 1980s. It’s a similar reason why, in Æthercoil, the Tieflings in the real act less like devils and more like Satyrs. More on that in a future Æthercoil post.

When it comes to Natyssa, my kind of succubus would be more of a stereotypical “Girl Gone Wild,” always searching for parties to crash, beauties to woo, and songs to sing and if they can’t find one, they’ll make one just as an excuse to make merry. Oh sure, they still require doing it to replenish their strength, but with two differences. One, it’s not the sex itself, but the reckless abandonment associated with it. The less inhibited, the more energy they can gather. And the second, unlike a standard Succubus who is constantly seeking to fill an eternal emptiness caused by their falling of grace, someone like Natyssa will actually feel full after bedding someone. Filled to bursting, to be precise. Granted, in a couple days she’ll be hungry again, but it’s just like a basic human need for subsistence, only here it’s life energy expended during the act. It is possible for a succubus to drain someone to the point that they do become a thrall to the devil, their soul given away for a life of eternal pleasure, but to those who aren’t under the control of a higher-rank devil, that’s a bit counterproductive. Best let the darling sleep and rest to recover his own strength. Let the poor long-suffering soul dream of his true love so that he’ll always come back as a regular source of energy.

That’s what Natyssa is doing right now in Daggerford. She probably has a small group of suitors that she keeps tabs with, offering her all sorts of goodies and trinkets—and an occasional gossip—for her to enjoy as she feeds on them. No dreams of conquest of bringing The Nine Hells on Earth, just doing what she does to get by.

Not bad for a starter. I need to work on her hands and her right ear, and I hope I can practice the Ink Pen took with her in future reports.
Not bad for a starter. I need to work on her hands and her right ear, and I hope I can practice the Ink Pen took with her in future reports.

But enough about her, let’s get to the company report.

The Numbers

Umbrealla Corp., starts with an 8000 GP bank account (for expenses the Characters don’t pay for Out of Pocket) and three locations:

(Yeah, yeah, I get the reference.  I just thank the gods that they’re not dabbling in viruses.  Yet.)

1: The Fountain Building

Located in the South Ward of Waterdeep, this was an abandoned guildhouse, which current Open Lord Laeral Silverhand granted to the party. The party refurbished the building and even proceeded to set up a pair of portals, one to Room 6 of the Undermountain Dungeon, and another to the Mangus Scroll in Daggerford. The first portal is already set up. The second one is in mid-construction, and will be complete in three tendays.

At the opening of the business, it has by the first tenday 12 customers, each paying 10 GP each for a monthly fee. All expenses are taken care of out of pocket already.

2: The Farm

This is a farm on the Trade Way between Waterdeep and Daggerford. It was just liberated from Goblins and has been retiled for the purposes for growing ingredients for potions and brews being made within the company. At this time, the fields are being prepared by a group of farmers whose salary is already pre-paid. Pandafolk Brewmaster Chou Wildbarley has cordoned off a plot for his own crops, and Farm Manager Marcion Sha’Garess (Drow Alchemist) has constructed a special greenhouse that emulates the Underdark environment for certain plants and fungus. (Descriptions on the plants he can grow in this area can be found in Out of the Abyss. Marcion is testing his greenhouse with a group of each listed fungus.) Chou has planted some vegetables and is now transplanting some fruit trees from the Phylund Lodge for convenience sake.

At this time, a bit of research from the Players into what Potions are needed and what crops needed to grow is in order. Once that is known, the farmers will plant the seeds and tend to the fields.

3: The Mangus Scroll

This is the pub and inn the party originally procured. The pub is remodeled in a Shou style, and fully stocked. The tavern is on the rebound thanks to Chou and his brews—he always have several kinds, two regular brews that appeal to local tastes, and a couple experimental ones he invites people to taste and comment. Chou’s carefree attitude and variety in the fully stocked pub combines into a very successful business. While he has a 1G a day—taken from the profits, he has very meager living arrangements, leaving the rest to invest in plants to grow and the tending to the half dozen waitress he puts in Chengsong to tend to customers. The total fee for these six waitresses are 3 GP a Tenday, taken from the profits.

The Mangus Scroll also has a small Inn and houses the headquarters of the company. The Inn has been converted to your private quarters, and is considered your home base. This location is tended to by Natyssa, otherwise known as Pancheska, a succubus who has been freed from any Thayan influences thanks to Chou and his sacred brews. She now lives comfortably on a 3GP a day lifestyle (a combination of pay from the Tavern and her own prostitution) and finds herself as your secretary. She even dresses up in the role. (Word of warning: Attempts to sexually harass her will backfire, very creatively may I add. She is a Succubus, after all. She might have someone in a maid suit that she enthralled last night into assisting her.)

What happens Next

At the end of the next Dreams of the Red Wizards report, I’ll call up some random events that will show how the businesses are doing. It will be up to the party to deal with the aftermath, make their next plan, and make their investments.   I will then do another roll when I feel a Tenday has passed in the game. (A ‘tenday’ being a time period of ten days, which is the Realms version of a Week. There are three weeks in a month.)

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