Dreams of the Red Wizards update, dated 24 Sep 15

Trigger warnings: Spoilers, Characters getting crude, players being stupid, and a near TPK

After touching base with both the farm that they bought between Daggerford and Waterdeep—Drow Alchemist Marcion has already settled into place and set up a greenhouse that simulates an underground environment to boot—and the Fountain inn at Waterdeep—they ran into Aovyneth who is about to set up a portal between the two cities—they proceeded to Phylund Lodge.

Where a small army of gnolls lead by a Red Wizard of Thay (Thegger Grynn by name) proceeded to knock out half of the party because they were stupid enough not to call for a Short Rest and heal up after an ambush from a previous encounter with a Gnoll hunting party. All because one of the party keep complaining about the rather nasty rash—and a loss of a particular appendage—brought up by a goblin in a pig sty. Act like a shock porn star on my table and pay the price, peeps.

I managed to KO three characters and almost had my first real TPK before a well-placed Fireball took care of things. Swapping out some nail-bedded boards with the traditional bucket of water over some doors was a nice touch.

I didn’t tell them everything about what the places in the upper part of the Lodge had. As some would remember, the second floor was built on top of two buildings and you can walk on the lawn underneath. I did, however, thanks to a miss read about a detonating page, let them have Thegger’s Spellbook, which not only had a good amount of spells, but a list of what he was doing. Some might need some translation—it was in Thayan—but it shows that the Red Wizards do have their schemes toward a certain keep, with a certain demon—Baazka—and a possessed gnoll that is underneath the mansion by name of Flubnak. Will they take care of the demon or go back to Daggerford to connect some dots? Who knows?

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on streaming setup with Sword Coast Legends, and I found out the hard way that it’s not goign to work, especially with the quality I’d want to be.  However, I’m not without options.  I can easily record the playfield for either Veoh or Youtube.  I’m guessing Youtube because I’m only intend on recording the game itself and not anything that Youtube gets triggered so much.

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