Out of the Abyss Enounters, 23 Sep 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, Experimenting with the Event Deck, Ad Libbing out of my asshole.

Today starts the Party’s quest to get the bleep out of the Underdark, while the place is in Nutking Futz mode, all the while with the Drow from Velkynvelve in hot pursuit. The party once got out of a jam by using Wind Walk (from the Prayer Beads that they picked up from the previous campaign; remind me to nerf that while they’re still down there) which kept them some steps ahead of the drow, so that they can focus more on getting to Blingdenstone, and the nearest place to go back to the surface.

My method of travel had several stages per day, a stage to tell what lighting they’ll use, if they lost their way, if they could find food, and two possible events.  In some cases, I draw cards until I get a number card, and if it’s red, add 10 for a d20 roll.  The machine isn’t perfect, so I’ll be working on it for the next session.  The people on the table should know by now that I tend to work on mechanics as I go, and at times I get some feedback.

All the while trying to keep their Stress Quotient up. Unfortunately, some people in my party want to go insane! Like the guy (who is recovering from a scooter accident IRL) who just up and bit at a Shrieker! He got a nasty vision of the PAX Prime Acquisitions Incorporated session for his troubles. They also saw a good view of a rock octopus that could’ve been a demon in its own right. At least had enough Cthulhu theme to do some Stress Quotient damage. But I was too busy getting the hand of the traveling machine I’ve been working on. They also had some lights from fire beetles, which they can use when the moss—or the faerzress—isn’t present.

But then I ran into my own misguess on how much to prepare. The party managed to find their way to Sloopbludop, a village on the way to Blingdenstone, but something I didn’t prepare for. Therefore, I mostly ad-libbed their interactions with the Kuo-Toa where the party finds the populace split between those who worship the Sea Mother (the patron deity behind the Kuo-Toa) and this new Deep Father (which will be regarded as telling.) The followers of the Deep Father commandeered the party and the village elder fishhead (There’s a lot of yucks around when I described their arguing as a bunch of catfish swarming on a dock popping their mouths at the surface.) for a PC sacrifice. However, the Prayer Beads come into play again, when its owner summoned a Deva.

Next session’s encounter’s going to be a lot more interesting, let me tell you.

Meanwhile, a bit of Disappointment for Sword Coast Legends. And it’s not their moving the launch date to October 20 (At least they’re granting me Head Start Access). I found out that I can’t set up a 4 custom PC character party at the start. I have to start with Marcie and use three NPCs to work with. Oh well, I can adjust.

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