Sword Coast Legends PC: Marcie

Marcie Character DesignGranted, I might not have an exact match with the Sword Coast Legends program, and the options I have there–I’ve yet to find a dress there like in Neverwinter–but this is going to be the first of my four gal team which I’ll be putting through the single player campaign in the game.

Marcie’s been around for some time, and is the title character of an RPG Maker project which I’ve set in Cormyr, which combines DDO’s Menance of the Underdark campaign with the classic D&D cartoon.  (She comes to Faerun through an abandoned and run down version of the Dark Ride.)  Design-wise, you can see parts of Gamergate Mascot Vivian James and you can say that Marcie’s my take on her.

I’ve included a page on her in the Sword Coast Legends subpage, which will grow to include three more PCs and information of my first module created for SCL.  Once I figure out how campaign creation works, that is.  I feel that the HeadStart version of SCL doesn’t include everything I need to create campaigns.)

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