Win 10 will be a free Upgrade

I’ve been bullish on Windows since Windows 7, which at the time was, to me, a perfect OS.  I found out that Wndows 10 (There was a line of legacy code in many programs that caused Microsoft to skip a numbers) proved that Microsoft is capable of learning from their mistakes (Win 8, natch) and today I learned that they have learned the same with their pricing strategy.

For a limited time, all upgrades from not just 8.1, but from 7, will be free.  This will be an excellent chance for me to install a much needed new OS over a two year old installation (which does tend to get clunky) .  And I did intend to do that skip over from 7 to 10 anyway.

Microsoft is also planning their own holographic glasses (which looks a bit clunkier than Google Glass, but I’d still try it.) as well as a new Web Browser (Although I’ll wait til the beta’s out before I pass judgement on Spartan.)  For a comany that I formerly derided because I couldn’t stand XP (I was a dedicated Linux user for a time) Microsoft proves time and time again that they’re capable of listening to their customers.  Which, if they want to keep their top dog status in the computing world, is vital.

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