Things are back to speed

Now that I got my files back, I’ve reuploaded the Johnny Briz Legacy site and it’s back online.  I have also made an addition to the D&D wiki.  At first, I thought I could put up the campaigns and have an organized directory of who, what, and where in my take on the Realms, and keep it all in a Mediawiki site.

However, I found the use of the Lord British 4D Notebook all too useful for that.  For the uninitated, it’s a One Note conversion of Richard “Lord British” Garriot (The creator of the Ultima series.  Think of it as an OSR version of Final Fantasy) method of game design, where he has a section on the People, another on Places, a third on Things, and a fourth on how the story brings them all together.  I find that Microsoft One Note implements this “Four Dimensional Spreadsheet” format quite well in it’s Binder-like format.

So I moved the good chunk of the flavor behind My Customized Relams to its own One Note, available online for everyone to view, even as I add more stuff to it.  (It’ll probably take me a week or so to put up all the text, and then I’ll be adding additional graphics further down the line)  The mechanics of this customized campaign world will remain in Mediawiki; since they are best organized here.

In this One Note, I hope you get a better glimpse on how I design characters and work on the tweaks I made, and possibily get some clues on how I’ll be working into Æthercoil.

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