Princes of the Apocalypse Recap 10 Sep 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, Adult Content, Really bad sex with obligatory buyer’s remorse.

This campaign really went south in a heartbeat.

We’re in the transition back to Daggerford and the storyline with the Black Dragon comes into play: The Black Dragon remained captured by the party up to the time where the party handed them over to amateur guards under the Lords of Waterdeep, where the necromancer assassin took off, from inside the crystal it was caught in. Natyssa told them about it later, but more on her later.

They also caught wind of the farm that would be great for growing herbs for potions. However they need to clear it from the goblins and ogres first.

Here’s where someone decided to be a bit creative with the Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments they got thanks to donjon’s random treasure generator. What would happen if you’re, while on the outside of a building, paint a room of a wall that juts inside. Well, the Tiefling Sin in the party found out the hard way: The new room pushed out all the contents of the previously existing room, which included a Orge and two goblins, which tripped and fall right on top of the poor sod. I almost took him out just by crush damage alone.

But the tiefling got off lucky. Merdoc found himself in a pig pen with a goblin…and proceed to preposition not just the goblin, but also the pigs that were still in the pen. Ugh! Sometimes you just can’t account for every person’s kinks! Of course, I got him back. Not only did that goblin gave his character the most unkind cut a man will ever get—the dude’s a Ken Doll now—he’s also got Herpes. The kind of Herpes not easily cured by any run of the mill cleric. A Wish spell is required, although Lesser Restoration can be used to alieve the symptoms which will reappear from time to time.

PencheskaBack to the Mangus Scroll where Natyssa got taken aside by one of the players and was told that they know. She tried to play it off until finally just feeling the need to stretch her wings. Now revealed as Pencheska, she reveals that while she was under control by a demon named Baazka (I know it’s different in the module, that’s why I changed it) but all that drinking of sacred Pandaren brew has freed her from the demon’s control.

Not so with a member of the Floshin family that is part of the lords of the city: Baazka has a certain Shalendra Floshin under his thrall, and through her the demon will rip open the protections in the Floshin Estate.

Now that “Natyssa” is now pretty much working for herself, as a professional mistress, doing what she does to make a living and all. (And getting laid to keep herself in power; they’re like sex vampires, after all.) The party is pretty much allow her to do her thing as long as she doesn’t complicate things, which she has no reason to.

So the party goes back to the main reason why they’re here, the Scourge of the Sword Coast. They have a trio of options to face: Phylund Lodge, Firehammer Hold, and Floshin Estate. They chose Phylund Lodge for now, which they will face on the 24th of September, the next session. (I’ll be too busy with family next Thursday.) I’ll be kept busy with Out of the Abyss, especially when the book finally releases in the game stores.

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