Encounters Recap 9 SEP 15

Trigger Warning: Spoilers, DM being 3v17, linking one campaign with another, preparations for Sword Coast Legends.

This post would probably be described as this: “The DM giveth and the DM taketh away. Blessed by the name of Gary Gyrax.

As I mentioned elsewhere, and I hope I did here—I’m posting this while I’m over at my parents, pet sitting…again—that I was stringing a module from Princes of the Apocalypse into the Encounters section of Out of the Abyss. The campaign starts in Red Larch, under new management, with a brand new and realistic looking sculpted fountain and bird bath in the center of town, and with a dwarf that stumbled his way into the All Faith’s Shrine, where I had a former Player Character be a permanent priest there. This dwarf prompted a bunch of new characters in my group—which now includes a couple ladies, one of whom stepped up to the table now. And people say that girls can’t be gamers—into a slimmed down version of the ‘Vale of Dancing Waters’ delve.

As a token of goodwill, and to create a bit of continuity between the two modules, I let the players add money and weapons from the previous campaign on this quest. I think you can guess where this is headed.

While the party is going along this delve, which included a metal bedpan dropping on someone’s head for tripping an alarm—a common slapstick meme in my DMing—and someone walking on a sparse ceiling until they come across the room where the final Dwarf Assassin and the Oni was.

The guy who was stealthing also ran into the Drow I thrown in with Do’Urden brand Sleeping Potion in hand. Not once, but twice. I could just hear Lolth go, “Thank Heavens for Stupid Players, eh, Daveykins?” And when the party turned their attention to the one drow they did see, the drow called for his dozen or so buddies to lob Sleeping Poison Smoke Grenades filling the place with sleepy sleep, knocking the players out and bringing them into Out of the Abyss proper.

“Please hand in your treasure cards,” I said to the players, who are calling me an asshole en masse. One of my older players went with the subtitle of this entry: “The DM giveth, and the DM taketh away.” At least I had the drow have some standards, they let everyone keep their underwear, and gave silken bedgowns to the ladies. They might worship ‘The Demon Queen of Spiders,’ but they don’t want to see anyone’s junk.’

This campaign will be the only table in play this week. (Thursday I’ll be headed back home) So I’ll be planning some good amount of NPC interactions and maybe even some exploration outside of the drow outpost of Velkynvelve. I just hope that they find out the goodies that they can pick up once…well, that would be telling.

Meanwhile, in a couple weeks, Sword Coast Legends will finally be launched. Some of you on Twitch would see the rich players mess around with the Headstart stuff. Meanwhile, cheapskates like myself will wait til the 29th where they’ll be plenty more players to do the DM mode with. I’ll also be using my own characters into the player campaign. With Sword Coast Legends, I begin something I wanted to put into this site since DDO: Incorporate the video games into my version of the Realms, using not just SCL, but the upcoming RPG Maker MV as well.

I’ll be using this blog as a hub for information on all of the venues I’ll be using, and I started with the D&D Wiki. I made some more official homerules to the character options and mechanics to the Wiki, and I’ll be changing the Campaign World page to make a more organized region-by-region depiction of the Realms so far, starting from Murder in Baldur’s Gate and leading up to Princes of the Apocalypse and the Play by Post campaigns. Meanwhile, there’s going to be subpages in this blog listing the current running campaigns, which will include the Customized Party I’ll make with my own characters in Sword Coast Legends. I hope that I’ll be able to film the whole player campaign for an alternative to Youtube and share it here. With this part, I’ll be able to get back into something that I’ve taken a sabbatical from so I can get my head straight and gain a bigger audience for: My Stories and Artwork. I’ve already proven myself to my Encounters and Roll20 tables that I can do the hard work on planning a campaign, maybe they’d like to read a short story or comic strip that is related to it, no?

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