Dreams of the Red Wizards Recap: 3 SEP 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, DM being a dick, new home rule, bad things being done to two systems…again.

Now that I’ve taken care of the Labor Day weekend, I can go back to these recaps. There was no recaps for Encounters, since last week was Session Zero, for Character Creation and all. I told them that they can get some of the previous character’s money and some magic items since they’ve started off in Red Larch (where the last campaign ends) buuuut…

If you’ve already read Out of the Abyss, you know they’re not going to keep them. They’re really going to be pissed once they go through the transition delve I created to make a smooth transition between campaigns (another hallmark in my campaign design to give the impression of continuity) and they find themselves captured by the drow. Heh, heh, heh.

Those Trigger Warnings are up there for a reason, folks.

Over to my Twitch channel, where the party cleared the last two rooms in Undermountain.

Those with the Halls of Undermountain module from 4th Edition know that room 12 is the vision chamber, which included the puzzle where you have to move three spirits from one end of a hall to another without screwing up. I had the players going “Oh OH OH!! I know this puzzle.” I had people yell at me in the Twitch Channel saying that they fricking solved it already! What I didn’t expect to hear that, when the puzzle is complete and someone sat on the throne to get the blessing, they also got the vision of Natyssa—remember her, from the Scourge of the Sword Coast module they were supposed to go through—being revealed through a reflection as a succubus. “Now I like her better,” was the reply.

There’s just no accounting to another person’s kinks, right? That Fifty Shades of Gray book didn’t get written in a vacuum, didn’t it?

So the Fountain crew goes back to managing their businesses and return back to Daggerford (Global Headquarters, perhaps? They have room in their building.) so they can return to the original trek in the module.

2015-09-07 19_45_23-donjon; 5e Random GeneratorExit Trinkets; Enter Cyphers!

The new rule I have here occurred while I was planning the starting chapters of Out of the Abyss. They have some chests to put in trinkets for the players to play with. But when I went over to donjon to roll up some random items, I found out that they have Cyphers programmed in. Cyphers come from a newer RPG system with the same name by Monte Cook games, and two campaign worlds have already been set up with it, The Strange and Numenera. Cyphers are small one-use magic items that have random effects, its use can really make a turning point in a campaign.

When I saw that random generator for Cyphers in donjon, I knew. I even written it in my OneNote: Fsk Trinkets (I never worked them into my DM play anyway) I’m going to put Cyphers in my campaigns! I’ve already threw up a bunch of random generated Cyphers to be found in Out of the Abyss and will show up in other tables. (And be a part of Æthercoil as well.)

How Cyphers work in my table is that you have a random item’s description. You don’t know what they’ll do but you’ll know that it’s a Cypher. You can identify one Cypher in an extended rest (and before you ask, you cannot make consecutive short rests just to get another identify. Do that and I’ll throw in an ambush.) five with an Identify spell, and five more with each Extended Rest. (Or you can use one blind and hope for the best.) Unlike the Cypher System, there is no limit to the number of Cyphers you can carry, as long as it’s not becoming unwieldly. (Hoard Cyphers and I might call you encumbered by the pile you’re carrying).

Using a Cypher will take a Minor Action, regardless of what happens, and once it’s used its power is expended and becomes just inert junk.

Oh, and the reason why there’s Cyphers lying around in Faerun?  It’s the same reason why there’s Inventions, Artificiers, and soon to show up in future campaigns, Psychics:  The Spellplague required wizards to tinker and experiment with these small powered trinkets to create the same effect of their missing magic.  This tinkering couldn’t be stopped now that the Sundering reseted the Weave.  Once again, the people of Faerun now have the proverbial Genie of Technology out of his bottle, and he’s not going back in anytime soon.

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