Encounters Update: Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Jan 21

Trigger Warning: Spoilers

With the next season announced (Princes of the Apocalypse) in April, I knew I had to stop dilly dallying in the Castle Raerythar chapter. I just didn’t expect it to end so soon.

Since this is the start of my public updates, which begin strange enough in the middle of the season—what can I say? It’s a new year’s resolution—I felt that the above ‘Trigger Warning’ is required. Also, keep in mind that what happens in my campaign will NEVER match that of WotC’s official narrative. Not only will it be different, it’ll also take place in a persistent world: Previous campaigns affected “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” which will in turn affect “Princes of the Apocalypse”)

It started with a recap of the earlier fuck-up from one of the players: I have it so that Dralmorrer Borngray has captured one of the PCs because he was screwing around in a conspicuously placed hoard of gold. I’ve taken that PC somewhere in the next chapter so that the players, including a new PC, had to pursue him, which required finding the command word for the portal to the next chapter.

What I didn’t count on is that everything the players need is in one part of the castle: The Chapel, which included the library where the command word—which I’ve revised—is located. Add that to the dungeon zone where they made a surprise beeline to the portal circle and they ended up clearing the chapter.

Of course, that means leaving a perfectly good castle still relatively untouched. Dralmorrer and Pharblex are still alive, and possibly still in the castle. Just as I was planning on repurposing said castle for a different purpose.

That will, of course, give me an opportunity to create a stand-alone module for Castle Raerythar. It’ll be easy for me to remix the whole chapter into a post-Tyranny of Dragons scenario and add it to my world:

Adventure Hook: A loose end has been discovered in the aftermath of Tiamat’s attempt to return: There was a report that Castle Raerythar, a former stronghold of the Cult of the Dragon, contains a vast library of books, records, and other writings compiling an extensive history of the Sword Coast region. Such a collection can prove vital to the historical knowledge for many groups, including the Harpers, Lord’s Alliance, and the Gauntlet. You and your group are given the opportunity to enter this castle and secure the library for the prosperity of the Realms.

It’ll take me some time to create this module, I’ll probably work on it in February, but I do intend to make the revised Castle Raerythar for my own use. A PDF of the module will be made available for download as well once all the bugs are ironed out.

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