Encounters Recap: 19 Aug 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, Extracurricular Activities, Customizing canonized side quests, Shameless requests for donations.

Today was the first of a set of filler episodes between Princes of the Apocalypse and Out of the Abyss, so I decided to work in some side quests that come with the PotA module, which I adjusted to suit the current team. The one I worked on is the “Tomb of Moving Stones,” which is normally set up early in the campaign. I skipped it because people have already gotten to Level 3, but now that I have some spare time, I can go back to this dungeon. It took me all weekend to retool the dungeon to Level 8 characters, but I think I have something fun to delve in.

MerieleThe party, along with several others, have succeeded in driving back the Cults of Elemental Evil. At least for the moment. As the people of Red Larch treat everyone here to the obligatory 10 gold and a party—only here it’s 200 Plat and a Feast—suddenly all of the shenanigans that the Elemental Cults have done to the local environment have taken their toll, the main intersection of the city has been eaten by a sinkhole! The heroes begin to go to the rescue, but some of the elders are telling everyone to stand back. “Nobody should come into the sinkhole! The Stones must not be moved! We shouldn’t disturb the Delvers!”

Nobody knew what they were talking about, but one has heard of them before, and she now has an ally that could bring whoever’s being these Delvers into the light. Meriele Ambercrown has called on the party to enter the Tomb of Moving Stones to get to the bottom of the Believers once and for all.

I’ll be doing the same to the other side quests in this module for my upcoming Princes of the Apocalypse: Second Strike where I take a second group to the Temple of the Elements on Roll20. I’ll be starting designing, more like re-designing, the campaign on Friday, and here comes the shameless request I’m talking about.

Earlier this week, I said that I’ll be making some NPCs available for donations. If you donate to my Twitch Channel, either by Paypal or by Streamtip (See my Twitch Channel for that, http://www.twitch.tv/davidfoxfire ) with $5 or more, I’ll put your name, and any likeness you’d request, into Red Larch as part of the campaign world. Proceeds of these donations will go into buying Out of the Abyss for the Encounters group. (When you’re on limited funds like I am, you’d appreciate all the help you can get.)

Speaking of Worldbuilding, tomorrow will be the Scourge of the Sword Coast VT stream, where the party will begin by planning turning a building in Waterdeep into their own Player’s Guild. It’ll be the second in my custom Forgotten Realms, and will be working on new mechanics that might come into play in future campaigns.

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