Dreams of the Red Wizards Recap, 13 Aug 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, slow play, net gremlins, major stuttering.

I might as well post these recaps soon. I got a truckload of work to do this weekend.

This session was slow going—and there was a couple disconnects as well; maybe I need a new router—but I managed to start the next chapter in the “Black Dragon” saga, where the Red Wizards team start their action against the former Cult of the Dragon member turned independent assassin. The Cultists already know about him, and feared what he knows about them enough to put up a 5000 PP (!!) award on his head.

By now the first part of the map is so contrived that I just tell the party that they passed through it, especially the Hall of Heroes with their interchangeable, yet randomly rigged, statues. They made the last encounter in the throne room where I let them have the globes, one of them is a containment globe which is attuned to a rod that they can use to capture someone, like say, a necromantic elven supremacist.

They proceeded to go to the Magic Stream room, getting a Thunderstone in the process (which can be used as a bomb.) because I upped the difficulty by adding traps to the doors, and found a place where some claim would be a good place to set up a base to explore the rest of the map.

That got me thinking. I first had Aowyneth set up a portal to his humble home on the surface in Waterdeep, so that the party can exit and enter through that point, then as the party talked about things like shoring up the defenses in the room—allowing a character to be benched in the process—they talked about setting up a tavern and inn of their own, using the portal to provide another entry in Undermountain.

This has promise of maybe yet another guildhouse, if that is possible, in my Forgotten Realms, where a home base of many campaign parties can use as a place to call home and explore both the Sword Coast and Undermountain. Whatever or not this comes into play in Out of the Abyss remains to be seen (from what I’ve seen in Dungeon+, that campaign starts in Mithral Hall.

Regardless I need to set up this proto-guildhouse as well as a custom dungeon for my Encounter team over the weekend, as well as the other necessary things. This makes me grateful that I typed out these Recaps quick so I can get to the real work behind D&D.

But I have to end this with a shout out for my Roll20 party.  Because they realised that I’m pretty competent as a Dungeon Master despite my stuttering issue.  You probably never seen me talk outside of the few videos I made and the Twitch stream, and for good reason:  I have a cronic speach impediment.  Whatever it’s caused by my Autism or a childhood car accident where I fell on my head–I think it’s the latter, because that is also the source of the former–I have trouble articulating “properly,” and sometimes I just plain trip over words constantly and I had to stop myself and start over.  You can imagine how much trouble this caused me as a child.  And why I prefer to communicate by text most of the time.  If I can get away with it, I’d be completely non-verbal, just out of frustration over not being able to talk ‘right.’  But D&D has given me a reasonably safe avenue for me to at least attempt to keep talking, especially when I’m behind the DM Screen.  And while I might not be the clearest speaker in the room, I am encouraged to gather enough confidence to keep trying.  That’s something I couldn’t do when I’m forced to sit down on a chair and have some grown-up who should know better to get in my face and shout out “SAY SOMETHING!!”  (Sometimes with threats of getting knocked out in the process)

For that, everyone who’s playing D&D past and future, wheather it’s online, IRL, or in a forum, you have my thanks for encouraging me to go on with this game.  I hope to give you better stories and better games as I progress, and maybe by the time I dead this god damned stutter will improve.

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