Dreams of the Red Wizards Recap 6 Aug 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, Inter-campaign villain, Mount Mayhem

Or should I say, Mount Mayhem Continues!

In this session, I sped past the getting the scrolls of Greater Restoration so I can have everyone who showed up on board. I didn’t even bother with the Hall of Heroes, since it would complicate matters and they’d told me in advance how they’re going to deal with each one. (I just said that it takes you a half hour to meticulously deal with each of the statues, finding out which ones are trapped, and dealing with the trapped statues, but eventually you crossed the hallway.) The session focused more on getting the Dragonshards they needed for the Dwarven Smithy. The smithy even placed an X on the map given to them.

2015-08-09 01_34_36-Undermountain Map 1

Note that this is not identical to the map given in the Halls of Undermountain module. As the rule of thumb given by Wizards of the Coast, it doesn’t have to be. Especially when you’re making a custom campaign which is an agglomeration of several campaigns into a stew of an adventure.

I basically went along with the module replacing the creatures with reasonable replacement from 5E’s Monster Manual, and even adjusting with the bone throne turning people into different kinds of undead.

It proved run of the mill until the party reached Room 10: The Kennels. Wizards had set this up with a bunch of Drake handled by Goblinoids. The party took care of the Goblinoids, but in a move that would make me applaud and a certain player who is also in my Encounters table cry, adopted two of the mounts. Bram Ravenrood, Human Ranger, took up a large Guard Drake as a mount and Axel, a Tiefling Warlock, took up a smaller drake as his Familiar.

And all I thought was, OMG! Kyle’s Mount Madness is spreading!

The next thought was, OMG! What are the patrons in the Yawning Portal gonna think when a large frigging lizard climbs up the shaft and into the main room?!

Needless to say that this will make for an crazy opening scene, will the Portal allow the party to bring that drake back in?

Also, they’re also got the Black Dragon in their sights. They found a wanted poster for his butt, 4000 PP, dead or alive! Can you say “This has the Cult of the Dragon written all over it?” Of course, if you follow along to these recaps, you know that this assassin and necromancer is aligned with the Red Wizards. That might, I hope and pray, steer them back onto the storyline I set up.

Of course, that depends on how I prepare the next delve. Stay Tuned.

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