Encounters recap 5 Aug 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, Secret pathways, going to dungeons I have NOT prepared in advance, DM flying on the seat of his ass, and “Is that a Node?”

You have to excuse me this weekend if things get a bit slow; I’ve got a bit of a chest cold. Shouldn’t keep me from typing that much, should it?

The Scematic Map of the Temple of the Elements.
The Scematic Map of the Temple of the Elements.

Something I should have counted on occurred in this session: As you see in this map, there’s a passage that takes the party from the Howling Hatred floor (Map A if you’re following along with the book) to the Fane of the Eye (Map F) and eventually to the Howling Caves (Map N). However, there is a room in the Howling Hatred Floor in the Step Pyramid, Room A18, that contains a pit that will take you all the way down past the Fane of the Eye and into the Howling Caves.

Guess which path the party took.

Guess which floor I didn’t plan in advance.

God Damn You, Mr. Murphy!

This took out most of what I’ve written down thus far and proceeded to do Plan Z of any GM’s book. Dungeon Master out of the crack of my ass, and I let everybody know that I’m officially winging it. Fortunately for everyone involved, I managed to get it together until they were just one room away from the Elemental Node room in the Howling Caves.

Now I’m going to have to go for the TP fucking K, because no DM likes it when the players start going off the script. I’ll even have it start with a very hard decision with the people they’ve rescued. Dare I push them into a multiple boss fight without a safety net?

This is going to be worse than my PvP mode, believe me.

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