Dreams of the Red Wizards Roll20 Recap, 30 Jul 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, recycled characters, recycled Undermountain, Mount Mayhem!

This is the second of the series I called “I tried this floor to be easy, but…”

It is the halftime program for this particular campaign, and I have a good amount of new players to show up. Just in time for a decent jump-in point in the campaign, which I made with a port of some parts of Undermountain. I have the party do a side trip to Waterdeep to meet with a magic metalsmith that can forge a set of protective gloves with some [traditionally] heat-resistant metal. The metalsmith in question, Dwarf Tharkham Flintfist, has stored some Dragonshards in a safe space in Undermountain (since the otherworldly magical rocks aren’t accepted much in the banks on the surface), and had to be rescued by the party in his latest voyage into the infamous death trap of the Sword Coast. A bone throne that turns living people into zombies is one such example, as well as something that Kyle, much to the other party member’s chagrin, tried to woo into his mount.

He was in Room 5 of the Undermountain campaign. Those who have the Campaign Book will know what’s in that room. It makes things no less bat shit insane when I converted the creatures and traps to 5th Edition. In that edition, the Basilisk’s Petrifying Gaze is automatic!

Before the Bastilisk is dead, and the cleric Kyle was playing wept over his corpse, two PCs got turned into stone; one by a Critical Fail on his save. Good thing I didn’t have my web cam on, because I was favoring my head.

Now the party has to get out of the dungeon, find a cleric to make some Greater Restoration scrolls, come back down with Tharkham because they need him to guide the party to the Dragonshard stash, and bring their petrified party members back to normal.

And all this and they haven’t heard of what I added to the dungeon, which is a former NPC I customed into a life on his own:

Dralmorrer Borngray, the Black Dragon

Introduced during Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Dralmorrer was originally a member of the Eldreth Valuuthra , a group of elf supremacists dedicated to removing humanity from Faerun. He joined the Cult of the Dragon because he believes that his homeland of Evermeet will be sheltered from the dragons’ reign. (p. 46) When the party cleared Castle Naerythar, turning it into a succubus-controlled abby, The Cult of the Dragon left Dralmorror in the lurch. This angered Dralmorror enough to vow revenge against the Cult. He took what he learned from the Cult of the Dragon, with some assistance from the Red Wizards, to become a necromancer bent on destroying the Cult of the Dragon first—hopefully before they free Tiamat from her prison—and then take care of humanity second. He took up a cloak designed to resemble a Black Dragon and took up the moniker of “The Black Dragon.”

He’s already been busy, in my Masks & Mythos Play by Post campaign, he has already killed a pizzeria owner, Freddy Oreioth, turning him into a lich that made an appearance in my Princes of the Apocalypse Encounters table. (How’s that for inter-campaign synergy? This is part of what I’m going for in my customized Forgotten Realms. Campaigns will interact with each other, sometimes in real time.) He is currently in Undermountain where he’s touching back with his Red Wizard contacts.

I was hoping that the Roll20 crowd will hear from him this week, but they were too busy mucking about with a lizard that turned two of them into stone. Mr. Murphy did more than just make me trip on words and gave the party Mount Madness! Oh well, he’ll be talked about next week if things go well; whatever or not the party actually encounters him is still up in the air. I might need to make some more tweaks.

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