Sword Coast Legends Pre-Ordered for Streaming

With the new month, I was able to get enough money for me to get Sword Coast Legends ordered for September.  This is part of my plans for my streaming.  Right now I’m just streaming the Thursday Roll20 Campaign, and if I remember to do it, some planning.  I need some more regular streaming sessions, and I can have it with Sword Coast Legends.  I tried out streaming with Heroes of the Storm, and while I’m satisfied with the Streaming, HotS is plagued with net lagging.  That’s a common complaint.  I’m wagering, after checking out this computer on the “Can You Run it?” site, I’ll fare better with Sword Coast Legends.

I’ll start off with an extended session as I get to know the game and go through the single player campaign, but once I settle into a regular scedule, I’ll mostly stream in Dungeon Master Mode, both doing Delves and Campaign creation.  What I’d like to do is recreate some of my previous campaigns so that current players can play my content and be brought up to speed on the unique spin on my campaigns.

But those are just plans, and I’d think more about it once I get the game downloaded and run from Steam.

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