What do you do with a Sleeping PC, part 2

Last week I started a thread asking for suggestions on what prankery to do with a player’s PC on the table while the player himself is away, either being late, or having to go to the john, or for any other reason. While I’m still open for suggestions, allow me to post up a list of suggestions, with references:

From me:

  1. The first one is what I call the “JigglypuffPUFF!” or the “Break Out the Magic Markers!” or the only part of the entire Pokemon franchise that I find actually funny. (IMHO, of course), where the PC wakes up with his face covered in black ink. I really should have Magic Markers available in the sundry items shops in my campaigns.
  2. Another depends on the other player’s sensibilities, where the sleeping PC gets his clothing and armor striped. Said PC can continue the session in his or her undies, in the buff, or for added humiliation, cross-dressed. If the PC is female, it’s fetish outfit time! (I doubt you’d want to be late knowing that your poor character is going to dungeon delve dressed like a Playboy Bunny, unless you actually like that you pervert, heh heh heh)
  3. And then there’s slipping a little local animal (provided that animal doesn’t have a poison or petrifying attack) into the offender’s sleeping bag, having the bard quietly walk up and blast out something from the First Four Black Sabbath albums (My personal favorite), dropping a lit firecracker next to his eardrum, and so on.
  4. Put shaving cream in one hand, and then tickle the PC on the forehead with a feather. Still-sleeping PC slaps what he thinks is a fly…with his hand full of shaving cream.

From Greg Johnston: Dip is hand in a bowl of warm water and watch the fun.

From William Fellars: You can always apply a little hair removal cream to the PC’s head or face… Just not the dwarf’s beard.

From Anchorite Gamer:

Tie boot laces

  1. glue weapon into scabbard
  2. removes all tips from the arrowheads
  3. replace spell component pouch items with non-spell components (flour, whatever); …..

That last one reminds me of a favorite prank in Deadliest Catch, the infamous Flour Bomb!

I can’t wait to pull something like that on my unsuspecting players.  Heh, heh, heh.

Any more suggestions will be appreciated, that random table’s growing very nicely.

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