Dreams of the Red Wizards recap 8 JUL 15

Trigger Warning: Spoilers, zombified sculptors, dungeon rooms set on fire.

Next week, thanks to Charter, I can actually stream some of these tables, which is what I wanted to do in the first place. I’m still having some issues with the OBS program that I’m trying to iron out. It’s a toss-up between AT&T being too fucking slow and the possibility of an AMD A8 not quite having enough power to do streaming. (Or am I just overthinking Blizzard’s Shenanigans with their own server problems, the bastards! There’s a reason why I put Pandarens in the Forgotten Realms!)

I got me a bunch of other players, enough for me to have several new players and hopefully have that steady group of regular players I need to get my online career going. I know of a couple already, including Kyle (who was still miffed at me turning his Encounters Character into an ochre jelly) and who I’m calling “The Other David” who is playing the Pandaren. I hope I get several others into the mix by the time I start streaming regularly. (Which will be this week, if all goes well.) IMHO, the biggest problem I have is having people go in and out of my table, usually to find out what I’m all about and how my table is, only to see them go (one of them in the middle of the session, which got me miffed.) However, I just chalked it up to being a rookie streamer. It is my first campaign, after all, and there has to be some hiccups and bugs to iron out before I have everything set. “Lessons learned on the path to Twitch popularity,” I called it.

On to the gameplay: I have the newcomers come in and joined those who were already in the basement of Harpshield Castle just as the big battle began, where the one who sculpted a copy of the Delimbiyr Bloke and took off with the original was found dead…only to have it pull a Walking Dead and stand up as a zombie, brought on by a necromantic Orc Shaman, who brought up the horde.

By now you know how I do zombies. You see one, there’s probably at least a dozen you don’t know about, and they’re not slow. They should be glad I took out the infection part.

After taking out the party, they proceeded to hunt some gricks—with one on the party actually thinking that Grick Eggs are edible, (Cue the eye roll, and five more Gricks chasing him) and doing a little bit of treasure hunting. They found a dead end first with some specters in a room with a small library of crumbling books. Which they almost set fire to. Fire in a dungeon with a high chance for backdraft. Not a good idea.

Fortunately, they put the fire out, and closed the door, before the extended rest.

I hope that the party can come back next week, the 16th, so I can get a proper schedule going, these calling sessions off because of a lack of players is getting on my nerves. Also, I wanted to see how Charter plays nice with Roll20 and Skype. Stay tuned for progress.

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