Encounters Recap 7 JUL 15

Before I begin, I needed to tell you that I had to switch Internet Services this weekend, going from AT&T to Charter. Charter’s Internet is known to be much faster in my town, which is needed for my streaming channel (I had to put that on hold because of the lack of bandwidth in AT&T) Now that I have the cable modem and router straightened out and everything’s back up to speed. I can move on to my posts:

Trigger Warning: Spoilers, Cursed PC’s, sudden Player vs Player, PCs actually dying!

Yes, I’ve been a very bad Dungeon Master this day. I almost pulled off the TPK. I told the gang on the table that this floor (Fane of the Eye) is going to be a bitch and I didn’t disappoint.

No, not the specters encounter, although I did remember the non-magical weapon resistance this time. I’m talking about the first instance of what I wanted to do since the Necromancer’s Lair: PVP Mode.

In room F19, there is a chamber with a statue of an amorphous body with tentacles, with a purple crystal inside it. According to the book, anyone who disturbs the crystal has the chance of being turned into an ochre jelly.

You can see where this is going by now.

Kyle’s character (the same one who also plays my Thursday VT) thought he would get prepared. He popped Mage Armor and had two clerics cast Shield of Faith on him, which I allow to stack. (Red Flag there, folks) So with a 20 plus AC, he decided to use Mage Hand to touch the crystal.

Hell yeah I trigger the curse. Besides, I wanted to try this PVP Mode out.

PVP Mode is a mechanic that I thought up whenever someone gets turned into a monster—such as an ooze…or maybe a zombie—and turns on the other players. Instead of taking the poor unfortunate Player’s character sheet and have him out of play, I decided to give him a little incentive:

I start up by modifying his character with three times the max HP, a little regeneration, three extra Action Points, two turns per round, and the ability to spend Action Points for additional reactions. The bad news is that he has to make a new Level 1 Character. The good news is that, for each PC he takes out—that is, reduces to 0 Hit Points—he gets to add a level in the character creation.   For the rest of the characters, those who are still standing after taking out the ‘monster,’ there isn’t going to be any math: Automatic Level up.

I have everyone roll initiative and sit back and watch the fun. And oh, what fun I had, watching the mayhem that went along with the party finding that their former smurf—yes, his character was the wild mage—turned into an ooze who turned on them…who still had Wild Magic…I know. He rolled on that Wild Magic table a couple more times before it was all over.

Oh, and remember that Death Note? According to the Rules in that thing, if I remember right; one, ownership of a Death Note can be temporarily gifted, and becomes official once the borrower writes someone’s name on it. And two, if the Death Note is destroyed, as if by a 12d6 fireball at max damage, the owner of the Death Note is killed!

Guess what happened to that Death Note? That’s right, it fried to a crisp, and Kyle’s character will die by the end of his turn…unless the Wild Magic table saves him.

Well, what happened at the end left my jaw—as well as several others—hanging. This is what he rolled:

91: If you die within the next minute, you immediately come back to life as if by the reincarnate spell.

When the smoke cleared, after the players wondered whatever or not munchining is a good idea on my table, Kyle’s character returned…as a half-orc! (I insisted that he roll the race of the character, according to the reincarnate spell. Two players end up with their PC’s ‘chunkied,’ so they have to roll up a new character, and everybody was either awestruck or cursing me off for this twist I gave them.

Oh yeah, and I also achieved my goal for the table in that they had to use their Scroll of Town Portal after that to recover. And get new characters into the party. Leaving me with plenty of time to restock the dungeons, move things around, and add some more twists into the mix. After all. It wasn’t just the Cult of Black Earth muking about in the Dessarin Valley.

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