Dreams of the Red Wizards Recap, 2 Jul 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, Bears, DMing at the seat of my pants, Constructive Critism

Good news: I managed to get a streaming session going. Bad News: Only 2 caracters showed up. A new regular who’s playing a Pandaren called Chou (using my own 5ed Custom race) and one of his friends who’s playing a goliath as a one shot. I didn’t want to play with just two people, but both me and the new regular just wanted to play, so I improvised a couple set up scenes to get Chou up with the other players. I had a perfect scene with the guards at the still-lockdown Daggerford, inspired by Christopher Titus:

Guard at Daggerford: “Step Through, Step Through, Step Through, HEY! You with the Goatee! I Don’t Like Your Look! Empty your pockets, take off your shoes, Panda you go ahead, YOU! {Puts on a rubber glove} I believe this search’s gonna be a bit more intensive…Hold on. {Picks up a 2-way radio.} Hello! Of course I let him through, he’s a Pandaren. Well, how would you know he’s not Chen Stormstout!?”

Yeah, how would he know Chou wasn’t a Stormstout. It ain’t like Faerun’s part of the Nexus, ain’t it? (Although I did create the Pandaren class as spiteful payback for Blizzard. Get my ass addicted to Heroes of the Storm, did they? Although I have to admit, this Friday I’m getting Charter Internet, and once I do I’m going to try to stream Heroes of the Storm for a regular streaming habit. I’m rambling here.)

I took the Pandaren and his one-time Goliath partner through a couple encounters, getting them to Level 2 in the process, and got him into a grand entrance with the rest of the team in time for a slobbernocker of an opening battle.

Not bad, and the two newest members of my playing audience liked what I was doing. And one of them even offered a bit of constructed criticism: While I was clearly stammering and stuttering in this session, they could tell that I was doing things more freely when I was just flying off the seat of my ass, and was a bit sketchier when I was referring to the module, reading parts of it when required. They suggested that I do more free-wheeling as a DM.

A little pause here to talk to those who want to bring a critique to me: This guy did it over Skype in a conversational format, listening to me as I respond to his criticism and digesting it, (I told them about my need to plan ahead for my campaign sessions, which is my MO here) and keep things without any snark above some light humor. This is how you do it if you want to criticize me. I’ve been ‘criticized’ for over two decades online, at times to the point of fearing posting anything because of the constant drivel, and when I hit the ban hammer on someone trying to give me some “Constructive Criticism,” more often than not it’s because of the vitriol and denigration they include into it. When someone claim that someone “Just can’t accept criticism,” often times it’s not on what’s being said, but the method and tone used. There’s a line between Criticism and an outright Flame, and some people can’t tell the difference. You’ll probably find them in comment sections of various social media, anonymous Image Boards, Amazon and Goodreads reviews, and the like. They bewail the part about people wilting like too-fragile-to-live flowers at one little criticizing word, and weep over books they refuse to read, or artwork they refuse to see getting wall to wall positive reviews, and that the whole world is full of weak-spined and thin-skinned wimps who can’t take it without crying like autistic babies.   My personal favorite is TV Tropes locking their Chris-Chan page and people complaining that the site’s officially gone to Hell.  Unfortunately, they don’t want to see their own reflection in the mirror.

Back to my Roll20 table. I hope to get everyone in my table next week, I hope. Those who do Virtual Tables knows how much this is like hearding cats. (I call it, things I struggle through on the way to a Twitch Channel that pays.) When they do—I have to say ‘when’—I have a perfect restart of the Dreams of the Red Wizards campaigns and hopefully get back to regular streaming.

Especially when I get my Charter Internet. Need it for the speed.

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