Encounters Recap, 1 Jul 15

Trigger Warnings: Spoilers, vomiting, DM trying to be a dick, DM failing to be a dick, possible replaying.

This week’s was a bit short, but it was supposed to be, it was a boss fight. This session, the party found Marios Urnrayle, the prophet of the Cult of Elemental Earth! And his five—count ‘em—Shadow Deamons. I had to put five in there, because of my party being so severely overpowered. My screwing with the party started early due to me making the bear and bullete keep their distance from the Screaming Statues room (B21 for those following at home with their ‘Princes of the Apocalypse’ modules; and you can get them from my Amazon A-store, accessible from that menu on the upper left.) and messing with Chase’s character’s danger sense.

Me: You sense light danger from the barracks to the south. (B18)
Chase: And up north? (B21)
Me: Roll a CON check to keep your lunch down.

I made him chuck in his mouth. He got a clue. The whole party got a clue.

If that didn’t tell the party that I’m meaning business, the four extra Shadow Deamons certainly did. I even put up a rule that Marios tries his petrifying gaze whenever someone rolls a 1. I also tried getting stuff under the radar: I thought about having reflective surfaces where he bounces his gaze around, but one of my older players remembered the old classic version of Clash of the Titans and knows that reflections doesn’t work that way (Unless they’re trying to bounce the gaze back at the medusa, of course.) So that didn’t work.

At least I get another crack at turning some of these characters into statues. I used the Earthen Defeat feature to get Marios outta there at the end and left a message in the mud he left behind: “This isn’t over, Assholes.”

Yeah, they’re going to meet him again, and he’ll be prepared.

But in the meantime, I have to set up another map for the party. They’ve finally reached the Fane of the Eye map, which means that I can set up a new map and set of encounters on the party. And I really have to make them uber difficult.

But in retrospect, if I haven’t told you about this earlier, I realized that Princes of the Apocalypse has quite a replay value. In my Encounters table, we might just be able to deal with one of the Princes. There’s four in total, which means that a DM can use this campaign multiple times to deal with the other Princes, and maybe even provide newer villians that will delve into the Temple of the Elements; and then there’s always the upcoming new campaign world I’ll be blogging about this coming week.

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