Encounters Recap, 24 Jun 15

Trigger Warning: Spoilers, DM being a dick, blogging in Minds.com

The online campaign still has some party members going in and out—if you’re interested in some online play, let me know—so the only action would be in the Encounters Table.

Going through two rooms in the Temple of Black Earth. One was a slow pitch encounter of just Duergar Dwarves that some in my table want more of, but I don’t have enough room for in the Instant Action grid.

But in a scene that can be filed into the “You can’t win everything department,” the next encounter had an Bulette in the bad guys…which the bulette that was one of party member’s sensed. Chase is his name, and we had this little gem of a discussion.

The bad guy’s bulette Deadly Leaped into action, squishing, biting and almost killing the newly transformed rabbitkin.

Chase: Okay, folks, we know how many Hit Points they have, I have the stat block with here.

Me: Ahem… (I put down 135 next to the bad guy bulette’s Hit Points) …look at the stuff next to the hit points, in parenthesis, which are the hit dice.

Chase: Oh Shit! If he rolled for it and got max hit points . . . . you fucking asshole, David!

Folks, you should know me by now, if I were really an asshole. There’d be at least a TPK by now. Maybe two of them. I’m the kind of guy who equates cruelty as a DM (or a writer for that matter) with Game of Throne type shit. We’re talking PC’s stripped naked and doing the walk of shame for feeding a homeless person, followed by the execution of said character’s immediate family just for shits and giggles.

What I’m doing is cranking up the action, because my party’s pretty much overpowered for 5th Level charcters: I made a barbarian second class in Favored Soul—how I designate Chosen in my Forgotten Realms—and gave the party both a bear and a fucking bulette for companions. (And get this, people, the guy with the bear, wanted to have a bulette as a second companion. I had to put my foot down on that wish.) I’m definitely needed to ratchet up the difficulty of the encounters…and probably have places where the companions can’t follow them to, there’s at least two places in this particular map to throw that curve.

If there’s one thing I learned when doing this season of encounters, is that sometimes the game becomes a nuclear escalation game between the party and the DM, only you don’t know if the outcome’s going to be epic or a tragedy. I’m still hoping for Epic.

Yeah, that glass is always half full to me…or in other times…half drunk.

I close with a little announcement. I’ve been told by several online players that they’re very interested in the kind of campaign world I turned the Forgotten Realms into. For the uninitiated, I take the normal Forgotten Realms, and bring in the dawn age of invention into it. Using the Spellplague as an excuse, I had wizards turn into artifice to take up the slack left by the lack of normally-working magic. During this time, wizards in Faerun discovered the earliest inventions of the 1800s, such as a light bulb, steam power, radio, telegraph, railways, and the like. With the Sundering resetting magic back to its factory settings, so to speak, we now have a traditional fantasy world combined with the age of invention, which some players thought was really cool. (And a unique reinvention of Ebberon).

That got me an idea, and I want to use this to promote Minds.com. I want to set up a public discussion on the creation of my own campaign world, from its big picture topics, to setting and location design, and eventually to a couple campaigns to put into a printed publication. Of course, I’ll tell you of developments as I make them.

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